TPS Extended for Citizens of El Salvador

By:Ally Bolour, Founding and Managing Partner, Bolour/Carl Immigration Group

The United States and El Salvador have reached an agreement under which Temporary Protected Status or TPS in the U.S.for the citizens of El Salvador will be extended until January 2021. 

Although this is a positive development for Salvadorans fearing removal from the States, it comes at a high price for migrants as a group.  Under this deal, El Salvador will have to accept asylum seekers at our southern border and process their claims before they may come to the U.S. 

This deal will probably prove to be untenable since El Salvador is considered one of the most violent and dangerous countries in the world and in fact many of those refugees at the border are from El Salvador!  Furthermore, the courts had already enjoined the Trump Administration from implementing this bizarre plan so in all likelihood, those Salvadorans living in the U.S. would have been able to renew their TPS status anyway.

Still, a formal recognition of the ability to renew TPS for Salvadorans living in the U.S. is good news. 

TPS – by definition is temporary.  Also we live in extremely turbulent and unpredictable times.  Having the ability to renew TPS should not give any Salvadoran National any illusion of permanent status.  I strongly urge every Salvadoran citizen to consult with an experienced immigration attorney – and not a notario- to evaluate their immigration status and green card chances.Immigration law practice is challenging even for the most seasoned immigration attorneys.  Mistakes have huge consequences that often lead to removal from the U.S. and even long term or even permanent family separation. 

Even if you think you have a case pending – follow up with a professional.  Many people fall victim to notario scams when they think they have applied for permanent status and/or green card – but in reality all they’ve applied for is a work permit.  That work permit has an expiration date and over the years, I’ve seen too many families being torn apart because they did not pay attention to the underlying status and were simply satisfied with the ability to obtain employment.

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