A Conversation with Dr James Elist

RA: Welcome to the family of Revista Adelante advertisers, Dr Elist!
JE: Thank you, I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Revista Adelante and it’s readers.

dr_elistRA: What would you like our readers to know about you and your practice?
JE: First and foremost, I am a Board Certified Urologist and an expert in the fields of male genital enhancement, impotence and male urological health. My top priority is helping men to be their very best, and the physical and emotional best interests of my valued patients. I have designed and developed FDA approved and US Government patented penile and testicular implants that are both safe and very effective with respect to enlarging the male penis and testes, as well as drastically improving male confidence and self-esteem as another result of the process.

RA: Wow! That sounds exciting. Can you tell us more about your implants and procedure?
JE: Sure. My penile and testicular implants are made of extremely safe, medical quality silicone similar to the material used by many doctors for several other widely accepted surgical procedures. I customize the size and shape of the implants to best fit each individual patient. The procedure lasts for about one hour, and involves amazingly limited discomfort afterwards…in fact most patients are back to work in one week or less if their jobs do not require excessive physical work. The results are immediate and permanent, and the typical patient can resume normal sexual activity in about 6 to 8 weeks.

RA: Does the man need to be circumcised in order to have penile enlargement?
JE: Although it is easier in some instances if the patient is circumcised, it is not necessary, and for reader’s of Revista Adelante scheduling their surgery with me by the end of this calendar year, I will offer RA men the choice of either a free circumcision or vasectomy along with their genital enhancement if they choose to do so.

RA: Can a man have penile and testicular enlargement done at the same time, and what kind of size gain results can he expect?
JE: I do not perform penile and testicular enlargement at the same time for health safety reasons. Most of my patients have one surgery done and then come back in 3 to 6 months for the other procedure. The size gains vary from patient to patient. All men will experience an immediate increase in flaccid length and girth, as well as in erect girth. Erect length is impossible to predict, varies from man to man, and usually takes 3 to 6 months to be fully realized. There are no weights or traction devices that have to be used post-operatively in order to see the results.

RA: How much does each surgery cost and does insurance help pay for the procedures?
JE: The cost for each procedure is determined after a free consultation in my Beverly Hills office, and we are consistently both less costly, and have much higher success and patient satisfaction rates than other doctors in this field of medicine. Since this is an elective procedure, insurance typically does not cover any of the associated costs. We do, however offer attractive financing for our procedures through a trusted financial firm, and information is available on our website and from our office (310) 612-9042.

RA: Are the results permanent, and how can our readers research the subject more thoroughly?

JE: Yes, due to the high quality medical grade nature of the materials that I use, the results are both immediate and permanent. RA readers can find a lot of additional information about me, my procedures, and much more helpful information from our website which also includes a number of frequently asked questions, and many “before and after” pictures from several of our patients. We strongly encourage all men considering this very important lifestyle decision to thoroughly investigate all of their options, and to ask any questions they may have so that they will feel confident with whatever choice they ultimately make.

RA: Dr. Elist, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit with us about this fascinating subject and for joining the family of Revista Adelante advertisers and supporters … however we are almost out of time, so let me close by asking why you selected Revista Adelante as a resource and partner to help you grow your practice?
JE: Thank you for taking the time to visit with me and introduce me to your readers. I personally selected Revista Adelante as a partner for several reasons. Like most of your readers, I am both a person of color and faith. The opportunity to improve oneself should not be limited to any one gender or demographic group, and living here in Southern California, I believe that your reader represents a great chance for me to help a quality, fast-growing and invaluable segment of our population to be the very best that they can be. Thank you very much for helping me with my efforts!