A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE: Confessions of an Antiquated Queen

A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE: Confessions of an Antiquated Queen

Pecados Buenos

By Mary Khon


Glücklicher Kunde mit Einkaufstaschen

Hello, Queeridos!

Enjoying the third month of the year? I am and to tell you the true, I started enjoying it even more when, last month, during some sort of Día del Amor y la Amistad, celebration, after, once again, getting dumped, I decided that the best way to enjoy life was to treat myself to new stuff and new adventures.

Oh, queeridos! I bought shoes, pants, dresses, blouses, shirts, underwear, sweaters, jackets, and so many other things that my three credit cards were maxed out. But I really do not care, my dhalings, because once I got home, I decided to wear one of my new outfits and hit the bars. Because when one man breaks your heart, it is always good to know there is ten other men out there ready to glue it back together. It may not look, feel, and be the same, but that heart keeps on beating no matter its shape. So, with that in mind, I wore my leather boots, my new black jeans, my revealing top, I dolled myself up and covered my body with different fragrances and off onto the streets I went.


Within minutes of walking the streets of this beautiful eclectic and gentrified city, I heard the praise; los alagos coming from those who saw me maneuvering the streets. My ego became super and when least expected, my superego was flying high, above everyone else’s mundane lives.


I arrived to the place I wanted to visit first. As soon as I walked in, the smell of sweaty men greeted me with excitement. Silence took over the place, allowing the voice of some pale pop star be heard for the first time. With no time to waste, I smiled as I looked around and found the table I was going to occupy. I slowly walked across the bar, sat down and immediately was greeted by a young twink, whose eyes sparkled as he looked at me. “That’s right, queerido,” I said to him. “Take a good look because mamma is here to enjoy the night.”


Because I’m a lady, I simply ordered a gin & tonic and waited. I hadn’t taken my second sip of my see-through elixir when this hunk-of-a-Latino man, wearing loose jeans and a very tight white shirt walked towards me and said, “Hello!”


It was so simple and so easy for him to greet me that I knew right away I could give myself to him in an instant. But I’m a lady; I cannot show such weakness in front of anyone. Within minutes, our tongues tasted each other’s skins and minutes later we left the bar.


I could share with you everything we did, but I’m a lady so I’m not going to divulge such things. Let’s just say that after two hours we exchanged numbers, not because we wanted to start a relationship but rather because encounters like this one were necessary once in a while, and we both knew it. Soon, he went back to his friends and I to the next bar.


Once there, I ordered a rum & coke as I studied the multitude. Across the bar my eyes caught the eye of an older, yet young with life, man. We eyed each other for a few minutes, teasing and smiling as everyone else kept on doing their own business. Later, I needed to use the restroom so I went. Within second, he stood next to me with his manhood sticking out. “What a sight!” As a lady, I know it’s rude to leave men just hanging. So with finesse, I caressed, kissed, and tasted the salty skin and continue to enjoy it until the end. As he said, “Thank you and Good-bye,” a younger, skinny guy with sparkling eyes entered. It was the waiter from the bar before. I washed my hands as he did his business. After he was done, he headed to the sink where I was standing, waiting.


It only took a few second, enough time to get inside a stall. Without words, like a trained soldier, sparkled eyes knelt down in front of me and took me in. But that was just the beginning, because after a few minutes, I ordered him to stand up, turn around, and within seconds, our bodies found the right rhythm to create the pleasurable sounds that mixed with the loud music from the dance floor.


That encounter came and went. We said nothing and parted ways. Satisfied with my accomplishments, I said to myself, “Time to go home.” What I didn’t know was that the universe had decided to offer me more opportunities, opportunities that as the lady that I am, could not refused, ignored, or reject, and even today continue to accept.