Broken Dreams @ the Border

Broken Dreams @ the Border

By Jorge Diaz, MSW – Clinical Social Worker – Jorgeadiaz2010@gmail.com

The foundation of we are as Latino people stems from the importance of FAMILIA, however, the United States seems not to value one of the fundamental values of our Latino culture.  Its been several months since we learned that many parents coming to the United States to either flea a country under gang war, poverty or simply believe that this country will offer a better life for them and their children were separated by immigration entities. I’m certain that these families would have stayed in their country of origin if they ever imagined that the United States would separate young children from their parents. Over the last several months we have heard many tragic endings to the pursuit for happiness and a better life.


It is clear that this administration has failed our families in the reunification process. We have learned of many parents whom were deported back to their country of origin without their children. Many children continue to be detained in these “summer camps” without proper supervision, medical care and the love and comfort of their caregivers. I guess this is what “Make America Great Again” means. President elect began the war against the Latino community prior to holding the power to execute injustice acts against humanity and our people. He first started calling Mexicans “rapist and drug dealers” claiming that Mexico sends its “worst of its kind.” I guess all of our people who sell fruit, flowers or food in our communities are the worst of its kind.


Then came the attack of the “Dreamers” with the end of DACA. I have met some of the brightest and influential Dreamers during my time-who knows how many of those children detained could have been the next policy maker, elementary teacher or simply live a happier life without war, poverty and gangs. Once in office, came the sweep of our people all across the United States-it seemed that ICE agents were everywhere. We all saw the images of ICE agents detaining people in hospitals and clinics, in front of their children or while working as food vendors tryin to provide for their families without the need of government assistance. Soon after, came the rise of hate talk and aggression towards Brown people across the United States. Either we were told not to speak Spanish or simply told “go back to your country.” Seems that all of these acts of hate and racism are truly making “America Great Again.” We, the Latino people of this country must stand together and fight back. We are strong and powerful in numbers. However, we have been injected with FEAR. In about two months, we must not be afraid. We must not be complicit. We must go out and vote and change this White House around. Our vote is power. Our vote is our voice.