Carlos Apr

A View from the Bridge: Confessions of an Antiquated Queen

By Mary Khon

Good April Month to you, my dhalings! How is life treating you? Or better yet, how are you treating yourself these days? Are you treating yourself with love, with compassion, with care? If you are not, what the hell is wrong with you, little queer one? We have suffered enough and we have enough enemies around to bring malice and destruction to our gay lives. You don’t need to contribute to such unhappiness and hate; instead, you need to take all the good things you have, your health, your energy, your wisdom, your skills, and talents, and invest them all in you because you are the most important person in this crazy and complicated world, my dhaling. Because if you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

OMG! I sound like a body lotion commercial! But don’t blame me dhalings, we are in the month of April, the month of the great Goddess of love and beauty: APHRODITE! Or if you are more into Roman kink, the month of the great Goddess VENUS!

Either way this is the true month of love and beauty, as well as the month of fertility and sex. And sex is what all of you should be having, and not necessarily with someone else. After all, it is all about taking care of the self, and who better fit to know what makes you feel real good in the act of self-satisfaction but you, you, and no one else but you.

This is a very exciting month because even though spring starts in March, it isn’t until April when we really start to see the flowers bloom, opening their petals in complete acceptance of Apollo, the Sun God, and in adoration of their Goddess Aphrodite! It is also in this month when taxes are done, and even though we all dislike such practice; it is the end of an agonizing numerical journey that despite is outcome does bring us comfort and peace of mind. And once you have peace of mind, the act of carnal pleasure is far more satisfying.

“Gee, Mary Khon! You seem to be all about sex this time around.” Of course I am all about sex this time around. In fact, I’m always, always about sex; the only difference is that I’m being very direct about it this time around.

I’ve been thinking, and at my age, such practice comes often and heavy-handed, so beware. I’ve been thinking, most of us talk about sex in a very cryptic way. Is as if we are ashamed of it; or we talked about sex as a cautionary tale, or as something to stay away from because this or that. When we read about it, we read about the importance of being safe, of being protected, or being PREP-are. And all that talk is good, is good and necessary because believe me, I have seen enough stupidity in the world to overwrite all the classic novels and best fiction works, the Bible included.
But once in a while, I think we need to think of sex as pure, as exciting, as necessary, and divine. And since this is the month of the great Goddess Venus, who is full of love, beauty, and pleasure, why not use my years of wisdom to tell you that having sex is one of the greatest pleasures in life. And as I said before, you don’t need anyone to have sex, you can have sex with yourself, and most of us have done that many times. So, go ahead, lack the door in your room or in your house, get naked, bring out the gels, the creams, the massagers, the anal beats, and the sex toys, invite Eros and Himeros, the twin gods of sexual lust and desire, and allow them to help you explore those erotic and sensitive areas of your body. See yourself in the mirror. Admire your body, which is a beautiful creation, YOUR creation. Love yourself as you see your reflection in the mirror, admire and embrace your nakedness. Love yourself as a sex god/goddess, then wash, rinse, and repeat, my dhaling. Repeat, repeat, and repeat again and again because you are beautiful and sexy and deserving of self-love, self-admiration, and self-gratification, so let yourself go and shiver with excitement, and moan with pleasure, my dhaling.

Once you are done exploring your body, experimenting and discovering new sensations and sexual goodness, dress real nice, go into the world and exhume the sexuality you have discovered within you and share it with others. Find yourself a sexy papi, two, or three, the more the merrier, and give yourself permission to explore the bodies of other sexy papis. Let yourself go and get drunk in the lust and sexual experience and rediscover what it means to be alive, to be love, and be beautiful. And then, tell me all about it, my dhalings! I always love a good sex story.