Carlos Manuel July

A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE: Notes from an Antiquated Queen

Muy, pero muy Caliente!

By MaryKhon 

Hello my Queer Ones!

I hope all of you are doing fine. I am doing well and, I am, my dhaling, in a very good mood because it’s summer time. And what happens in summer time? Well, the shirt and pants come off and the sexy papis walk around with almost nothing but an “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.” Well, the bikini is not yellow polka dot but it is itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie…. And let me tell you, some papis turn that teenie weenie bikini into an attractive sexy package bikini.

The only problem with so many sexy papis and their attractive sexy package bikini is that I start to fluster, my high blood pressure goes up and I find myself visiting the doctor at least once every other week. When he asks what causes such heart palpitations, sweat breakouts and high blood pressure, I have no other choice but tell him the truth. And what does he tell me to do? STOP LOOKING AT THE SEXY PAPIS! Is my doctor out of his mind? Not look at the sexy papis? That would be like telling mothers to, oh, I don’t know, not care for their young? I tell you, the medical field sometimes has it all wrong. All. Wrong. So I don’t pay attention to my doctor. And if you had the chance to see the shirtless sexy papis I see all the time, you would not pay attention to your doctor either.

And speaking of “paying attention,” during the June joto festivities in the city by the bay, I overheard some jotos talking about how our joto community is very discriminatory towards people who are overweight and/or do not fit the “model type.” To that I said, ‘a la chingada!” That’s right, even though this antiquated queen has manners, I still remember my resilient vocabulary. Because no man, and I mean NO MAN is going to dictate or decide who is attractive and what a “model type is.”

Yes, I know are all bombarded by images of chiseled bodies and Greek/European looks as the “pinnacle of perfection.” TV shows, films, commercials, billboards, magazines, including this magazine does that. But that is because the media has to sell and overdo each other. And since “sex sells,” they have to use whatever attention getter they can get to call our attention. The problem is that these media outlets do continue to perpetuate a false image of what is sexy and acceptable as beautiful. Worse, many of us buy into such false images. We all know or at least should be aware that such bodies and such looks a man do not make. The images we see in magazines, billboards, commercials, films and in the media in general, are just images that are completely and most of the time false, and for the most part, advertising superficial interests. We all should be very conscious of such things. Unfortunately, we are weak and the temptations of the flesh are powerful forces against our shattered hearts, so most of the time, we give into “la tentación” del papi sexy, and because as jotos we are cursed by the telenovela syndrome, we start to believe that such temptations are how we need to look like. Mentira! False, queer ones! Those chiseled and beautiful bodies are what we want to have (carnally speaking) once in a while, not what we really need in our every day lives.

Sexy and attractiveness go beyond the body and the looks. I’m sure you already know that. And there is nothing wrong with desiring such bodies. What is wrong is obsessing over those bodies, desiring those bodies to be our bodies. Trust me, those bodies and looks will disappear.

So next time you go out and see a sexy papi, talk to him, dance with him, be with him but do not obsessed over him and his body. Do not compare yourself to him because both of you are so different in so many ways that it isn’t even worth the time comparing. Instead, allow yourself the enjoyment of sexy attractions and get to know the other person. Trust me, the body and looks maybe muy, pero muy caliente but with time they will fade away.

So buckle up, gurls! Let’s head to the beach, to the local bar, or wherever those sexy papis might hang out. Enjoy their company, get to know them, allow them to know you and turn the beat around, gurls ‘cause the sexy is within you. It is up to you to show such sexiness and caliente attitude to everyone. After all, this is July, the “hottest month of the year,” and with this drought esta muy, pero muy caliente el clima. So, why not share your own personal hotness with everyone around without caring how he looks?

Alright, enough for now. I’m sure the editors would like to hear from you. So, write to them. They will let me know how much you hate me!!!!