Do You Believe in Miracles?

Do you believe in Miracles? Do you believe that miracles can happen to you? This might seem like the same question, however they are completely different. It is easy to look at a tree and to know in your heart that a tiny seed became this giant living tree. We all know a story about a person who beat cancer or who walked away unharmed from a car accident of epic proportions, but what about you? Are miracles for you?

Miracles occur every second, every millisecond of every day. They surround us. The very fact that something is alive, living is a miracle. Life in and of itself is a miracle. How do two cells know to combine and to create all that is you? Look at your hand; is it not the most amazing tool in the Universe?

Okay, okay, so all this miracle of life stuff is not really cutting it for you, the person who may or may not believe in miracles. Yeah, yeah, you get the whole flowers are miracles thing, but besides being a live you have never personally experienced a true miracle.

A friend told me a story of an amazing miracle. She was driving in the mountains. It was dark and snowing lightly. She was not speeding, but as she started up a hill, she suddenly knew she should slow to a crawl. Hardly a rational choice, given the circumstances. Still, she slowed, trusting her instincts. At the top of the hill was semi-truck. It was horizontal and jack-knifed across the road. Had she continued her very reasonable speed, had she not trusted her instincts, she would have crashed into the truck and likely been killed.

What is the miracle here? The fact that she did not hit the truck? Was the miracle that she did not get killed? The miracle is that she listened to her instincts. She made a decision that was not rational given the information she had and acted on her intuition.

We all get these messages, a sudden thought telling you to go right instead of left. You may go right and avoid a traffic jam or you may avoid running into downed electric lines. You may choose to go to a 9:00 movie instead of a 7:00 movie and unknowingly avoid a huge line.

So, miracles are about trusting and following your instincts. Consciously drawing a miracle to your life starts with believing. Still not convinced? I could list a few billion miracles you may have experienced. You may have a job, a miracle in and of itself these days, but it is not the job you want, so a job you do not like is hardly a miracle, or is it?

Miracles can change your life. They can cause you to have faith in a higher power. They can cause you to appreciate all that you have and further to appreciate your own being, your life, your very existence on this planet.

Miracles are about appreciation. If you appreciate your job, you will be sending life affirming, positive energy thoughts to the Universe and the Universe, creator of all miracles, in cooperation with your thinking and feeling, can draw to you a promotion for a position you love, a new job, the sudden appreciation that you already have the best job in the world. Another miracle.

How does a woman lift a car off her child? How does a man get a job? They use the same exact formula. The mother wanted her child to live, she intended to get that car off her child, she thought, felt and intended to move that car. These are all the right elements necessary for a 130 lb. woman to lift a 2000 lb. car. She wanted that car off her child. She wanted it more than anything else in the world. She created this miracle with her thinking and her feelings. The same applies to a man wanting a job, a woman wanting a mate. You must intend to create this miracle in your life. You must want it!

Miracles are in your life every day, whether you acknowledge and appreciate them or pretend as though they do not exist. Managing your miracles will change your life. Miracles are like anything in life, they respond and flourish when they receive acknowledgement, appreciation, acceptance and belief.

Miracles are for everyone, believers and non-believers alike. They exist everywhere. They are powerful enough to change your life when you are empowered enough to bring them consciously into your life. Consciously using miracles can make changes that will create the life you truly want.

By: Maria Etta Anabel