Douglas Spain – Out, proud and Latino!

Douglas Spain – Out, proud and Latino!

By S. Riviera –

You remember him from his star making debut in the independent film Star Maps but actor Douglas Spain has come a long way since that debut in Hollywood back in the 90’s. Yes this young Latino, who happens to be out and proud in Hollywood, has had a solid acting career for almost twenty years. And the boy still looks twenty. Como le hace? Well he’s now dabbled into writing, producing and even directing. He’s a one man production team. Were proud to have this gay, Latino, talented man on our team. Line of Duty, which he produced and has a co-starring role in, is out on DVD now.


Samara: Tell us about your decision to be an out and proud actor in Hollywood?

Douglas: I came out when I was 16.  I then was thrown back in and fluctuated between the two worlds.  Guess I was ‘Bi’ but I never really defined it as such.  Finally, I just knew that I only needed to play pretend for the cameras not outside of that.  Facebook was a good platform to solidify what most knew and everyone else wondered about.  You can see that it has caught on more so now and many people especially those in the limelight are announcing their truths.  I’m just a guy that is into other guys, sexually and emotionally.  It is what it is.  I understand what’s it’s like to be a teen and afraid of what others might think especially of what our parents will think.  You eventually realize that accepting yourself is the first step and you go from there one GAY at a time.  LOL


Samara: What advice can you give other actors to come out of the closet in Hollywood?

Douglas: I think I kind of answered this on the above question.  However, I would never advise anyone to come out.  That is a personal choice each individual must make for themselves when they are ready.


Samara: How did you get into producing?

Douglas: I kind of fell into it.  I like it so I’m gonna keep doing it until I don’t like it anymore.  LOL


Samara: Have you directed or will you be directing in the future?

Douglas: I directed short films.  The first was called ‘Charity’ and the second one ‘Online’ and I have several others.  The last short film I directed is called ‘The Monster’ and I highly recommend you watch it.


Samara: Tell us about Line of Duty the film formerly known as Mission Park?

Douglas: ‘Line of Duty’ (released theatrically as Mission Park) is the first feature film I produced.  It’s an American film about four friends who experience a tragic event early on.  From there they grow apart and end of on both sides of the law.  They confront each other and their friendship which leads to a very intense ending.


Samara: And it’s out on DVD now?

Douglas: The ‘Line of Duty’ DVD will be out on December 17th.  You can pre-order your copy now and save 45% off the regular price at these two sites:  Amazon and Walmart.


Samara: I hear there’s some male nudity in the film. The gays will love it right?

Douglas: Gays, women and straight dudes will love all the nudity in the film.  LOL


Samara: What new projects are you working on now?

Douglas: I found a project that I’m going to produce and star in come 2014.  Very timely story that I’m sure everyone will enjoy especially the LGBT community.


Samara: Do you ever go to any of the gay clubs here in LA?

Douglas: Not as much as I used to.  I’m a homebody now.  I’ve become my parents and that’s because I say things like, “The clubs aren’t like what they were when I was clubbing.”  LOL!!!


Samara: Where can your fans find you online? facebook? twitter?

Douglas:;; Twitter: @DouglasSpain


Samara: Any last words to your fans?

Douglas: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to entertain you through my work as an actor and now producer.  I’ll have to admit that my fans are all pretty cool.  Thanks Samara for this interview!