Geo Louis

New York Boy Goes Hollywood!

By S. Riviera,

Photo: Ninon Nguyen


He’s cute, he’s talented and now he’s in LA people. New York native Geo Louis is a young talented singer/songwriter who also happens to be out in the music industry. He’s got a new song and music video for it titled, “Him.” Watch out ladies, he’ll take your man. Lol Check him out on youtube. I met and interviewed him at NY’s Get Out Awards and knew right away this young self proclaimed family man had something. So now I bring him to you. So if you’re out at the Grove or Farmer’s Market and think you spot him. It just might be him because those are his favorite hang out spots. Read on as together we get to find out a little more about this New York boy gone Hollywood!


Samara: How was your life growing up as a kid in NY?

Geo: Probably very similar to everyone else’s, except that when my friends and I skipped school we’d do things like, hangout outside TRL, watch the VMA red carpet in person, or sneak into sex shops in the village. It’s amazing how scandalous that all feels when you’re a kid.


Samara: What advice can you give kids now a days that get bullied?

Geo: I’m happy about how much awareness has been raised on bullying. I think there’s a perception that you have to be an outcast or freak to be bullied, but there’s different types of bullying. I experienced bullying as a kid, for my sexuality, for wanting to be a singer. There’s no single solution, you just have to maintain your self control/sense of self and remember there’s always someone to talk to.


Samara: So you just moved to LA right? Tell us about that decision?

Geo: I actually touch on it briefly in my song “Him”. I always wanted to live in Los Angeles but loved my life in New York way too much to make the move. When I came over to LA, it was meant to be temporary. I was performing a ton on the East Coast but personally I needed a break from the craziness that was my New York life and winter was just about to kick in so, LA! I stayed because I wanted to learn more about the business side of music, I started meeting people, and the weather is perfection! I like to think I’m bi coastal because my family still has a place in New York so I come back often.


Samara: How did you get into music?

Geo: After my parents tried all sorts of extra curricular activities, Jujitsu, Baseball, bowling, nothing held my interest as much as music did. So when my dad asked what I wanted to do, I told him I wanted to be Michael Jackson. Not being in the industry he had no idea what to do with that but, through word of mouth we figured out how to get me in a studio and I was about 12 when I started recording my first demo.


Samara: Tell us about your music?

Geo: When I was a kid Boys II Men was my favorite group. I love harmonies and bluesy vocals, but music moves, through the years. I’ve been influenced by all sorts of music so my most recent music lives somewhere between dance and pop. Some of the newer songs I’m working on definitely display a more R&B influence. I recorded a song called “When I Can’t Have You” that is really different from anything I’ve released.


Samara: What inspires you to write music?

Geo: Relationships, friends, life experiences, good people, shit people. I write because I have to, I get kind of moody and tense if I’m not creating something.


Samara: Tell us about “Him?”

Geo: “Him” the song and “Him” the video actually tell two different stories. I wrote the song at a turning point in my move to LA. I’d just left a job working for one of the biggest managers in music and realized just how much creating music meant to me. I started writing, recording and working on becoming an artist that was completely true to myself. “Him” is my first video ever, I hoped that by addressing my sexuality upon arrival it could just take a backseat and the focus would just be on making good songs.


Samara: When can we expect an EP or a full album?

Geo: I’m still working on new material and I have a group of songs that I want to release as an EP when I feel ready. At the moment I’m leaning towards Spring 2015.


Samara: What are your favorite spots in LA so far?

Geo: I like things like The Famers Market, at The Grove. Grabbing a couple pitchers of beer and people watching can get pretty interesting. Same goes for the Fairfax Flea Market. There’s also a couple private beaches in Malibu that are perfection!


Samara: What is your type of guy?

Geo: I’m a creative thinker, so my guy needs to compliment that. I need someone driven and family oriented. I’m close with my family so I like a guy who appreciates that, especially in my family, they treat you like one of their own, real quick.