Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Are you happy? Is anyone happy? Do we ever really reach a point in our lives where we can truly say we are happy? And if we do. How long can it last? While I don’t know the answer to any of those questions I can say that I am on my way to discovering the secret to a happy life. I’ve seen The Secret DVD and am now reading the book The Vortex and I think finally, after all these years of trying to find an asnwer as to how to live a happy fullfilled life, I finally got it. If we put ourselves in a state of constant happiness we can only atract more happiness. Eureka! There it’s that simple. It really is that simple however it will take a while of researching it to finally get it because it’s not that simple.

I watched The Secret several years ago when I was living in Miami. I put all my faith into it because I truly bought the idea. But after a while I got disapointed that it did not work for me. I did not receive checks in the mail, I did not just find 100 dollar bills on the street when I wanted to, and I did not find a good boyfriend to enjoy my life with just by asking for it. What I did get was a lot of frustration. But now I know that even back then I started learning about how to truly be happy. The seed was planted. And later on I came to the understanding that one day it would come to me at the prcise exact moment that it was supposed to. I had friends that kept telling me they had got it and how well it worked for them. Meanwhile I was jeolous and bitter about how they got it and I didn’t. Oops! Obviously not the best way to deal with the situation. Now I know.

So finally I let go of The Secret and moved on. I continued with my life in NY and got distracted with all the fabulousness the city has to offer. Then several months before I was set to come back to California one of my good friends told me about the book The Vortex and that I should read it. He kept reminding me to listen to the CD and read the book to which I would always dismiss him. Eventually he gave up on telling me after I told him I would listen to it when the time was right for me to listen to it. Because after a while I got the feeling that I would listen to it when I would be most open to receive the message it offers. And sure enough when I moved back to Los Angeles I had a stressful transition that I finally decided to listen to The Vortex. Bang! It hit me. I finally got it, what my friends kept telling me and what I had heard from The Secret. If you want to be happy just be happy. When someone is happy they atract more happy situations because that is the energy they are putting out and so by law of the universe that is what they will get back in return. And trust me it works like magic.

This law of the universe and law of atraction, by the way, works for everything. And most of us use it since childhood we just aren’t aware that we are using it. It’s just how we live life but then you discover it from books and DVDs and you suddenly realize you’ve been using a lot of the same methods they recommend to use for a  happy life. For example I wanted to be a writer so I started writing and eventually atracted writing jobs. I wanted to be an actress so I found a way to put myself in movies and TV and now I work as a background actress. Whatever you want in life you just do it and set your mind to things that will bring it to you and eventually it will. I want to be happy! So now I put myself in happy situations and pretty soon I will be completely in a state of happiness. I’m already on my way.

And I know, I know there are way too many negative vibrations all around you but you have to concentrate on the good positive things in life and ignore as much as you can the negative. And about the, “be happy to be happy” thing. I know it takes time to understand. I would get frustrated when I was told, “if you want to be happy just be happy.” GRRR! That would piss me off because I did not get it. Now I do. But it took time, patience, and some more reading to achieve it. So on that note I am sending good positive vibrations out to you all through this article to begin your journey into happiness. Happy, happy, joy, joy people!  

By: S. Riviera