Jamie Clayton – Hollywood Starlet

I am so happy to report that transgender actresses are making it in Hollywood nowadays. They’re out there doing mainstream TV and films of quality. More and more they’re coming out of those closets doors. Such is the case with this months interview subject Ms Jamie Clayton. You first saw her on VH1’s makeover show TRANSform Me and then on HBO’s Hung right along side super hottie actor Thomas Jane.

Photo: Alexei Hay

She does kiss and tell by the way. But this lady is not just your typical starlet she also cares about her community. Which is why she created Aesthetic Empowerment with her long time pal, make-up artist, Osvaldo Salvatierra. AE is a beauty program that helps those in need of self-care and maintenance without the high end price. Ms Clayton is talented, on the rise and beautiful inside and out. We’ll know soon what else is in store for this lucky girl who Hollywood came knocking on her door.
Samara: How was life for you growing up?
Jamie: It was tough at times… never feeling like I really fit in. It wasn’t until I was 16 and started working that I found a group of friends I could really be myself around.
Samara: Any issues with bullying?
Jamie: Of course! I was very feminine as a child. I’ve also always loved fashion… These traits didnt go over so well with other kids.
Samara: How did your family take the news you (are trans?)
Jamie: My fathers response when he found out was “That makes sense”. He was a brilliant man. My mother was just as fantastic. She came with me when I had my GRS back in 2003.
Samara: Did you always want to be an actress?
Jamie: No. It wasn’t until I met my acting coach, Brad Calcaterra at The Studio that I realized how much I love acting.
Samara: How was it that you got cast in Hung?
Jamie: The producers found me through an article in The New York Times about The Studio I was featured in. They contacted my agent and then I auditioned.
Samara: Would you have played anything they wanted you to play?
Jamie: The writers on HUNG are all so creative and sensitive. I would do anything for them.
Samara: How was it kissing Mr Thomas Jane?
Jamie: Absolutely fantastic.
Samara: So did you find that the camera adds ten pounds? 
Jamie: I never think about things like that. I just try to do the best job I can do. As long as the director thinks I look good, I’m great.
Samara: Will your character be coming back to the show?
Jamie: I would love to play Kyla again.
Samara: Tell us about Aesthetic Empowerment?
Jamie: AE is a series of free skincare and makeup workshops. I started them with my friend Ozzy Salvatierra. He’s an incredible makeup artist. They take place at Callen Lorde Community Health Center once a month. They were designed to help people who can’t afford to shop at department stores learn how to take care of their skin and apply makeup. We use all drugstore products. It’s so fabulous.
Samara: What new projects are you working on now?
Jamie: I’m currently working on filming a new project that I am very excited to be part of and will have more to share on this soon.

S. Riviera