Jessica Sutta – Sexy Siren

You remember her as one of the members of the hot and sexy group Pussycat Dolls (everyone and their drag mother performed Don’t Cha, over, and over, and over again) but now Ms Jessica Sutta has gone solo. The Florida native and ex Miami Heat cheerleader is not only a talented singer, songwriter, and dancer but also cares about her gays. She has worked to promote marriage equality in this country and counts her gays as her favorite fans. She also has some sexy advice for her impersonators. With her latest single Show Me and it’s remixes topping the dance charts Ms Sutta is ready for the world to hear her new CD out later this year. But for now you lesbian fans out there get to watch her perform exclusively for you at one of the biggest lesbian music festivals The Dinah Weekend. She’ll be kicking off the party in Palm Springs mujeres. Hot, hot, hot!
Samara: Tell us about life after the Pussycat Dolls?
Jessica: Life after the pussycat dolls has been a blast. It was a big decision to leave the group but looking back I know it was the best decision. It’s definitely different not to share the stage with 4 other ladies.
Samara: Which of the other dolls do you keep most in touch with?
Jessica: Melody and Kimberly
Samara: Do you think being sexy helps or distracts from a music career?
Jessica: I think being sexy helps but you must have the talent to back it up.

Photos by ILDK

Samara: Tell us about your latest single?
Jessica: My latest single is called “Show me”. It basically talks about if you are in love you can’t just ” talk the talk” you have to “walk the walk” and show me that you love me. I feel like a lot of my fans can relate to this in their own lives. I’ve definitely gone through it in relationships.
Samara: When can we expect a full album?
Jessica: “Sutta Pop” is set to release this year.
Samara: How important is it for you to write your own music?
Jessica: I think its very important to be apart of the writing on my album. I only want to be honest about who I am through my music. I believe the more truthful you are the more your fans can connect to you and can connect to the music, Music has always been an escape for me and I hope to give that to my fans.
Samara: Tell us how performing at the Dinah Lesbian event came to be?
Jessica: My amazing label set it up. Also, I’ve been performing at a lot of gay clubs promoting “Show Me” . I think Dinah Shore people caught wind on how much I love the gay audience. It’s an honor to be apart of it. I can’t wait!
Samara: Can you give us a little hint as to what your show will be like for the lesbians?
Jessica: Hot sexy fun. I will be doing a little throw back to the PCD and I will be doing new songs off my album and of course “Show Me”.
Samara: What do you think about marriage and kids? Is that in the cards for you?
Jessica: I want to be a mother more than anything. It’s definitely in the cards for me.
Samara: So I hear you’re pro marriage equality… Can you tell us about that?
Jessica: I think it’s despicable how there isn’t already equality for all. When I watch the news and see people against it, it makes me so angry. We are on the forefront of such a huge movement to change this law. And I plan to use my music and celebrity to be the voice for the gays that can’t be heard. It’s 2012. We should all know better by now.
Samara: And lastly, what advice do you have for your drag/trans Jessica
impersonators on stage?
Jessica: I have never seen an impersonator of me on stage. I can’t wait for that day! I’d say… just love what you do, sing from your heart, and make sure to wear something pin-up.