Josh Bocanegra makes #roomforlove

Josh Bocanegra makes #roomforlove

S. Riviera
He caused a stir worldwide through the Internet late last year by creating a website that combines romance and room sharing for attractive people.
LoveRoom is sort of an airbnb meets plenty of fish site. Yahoo News, Forbes, The New York Post and too many media outlets to name picked up on it and created a controversy because it was a site for attractive people only. Or so that was the misconception. But CEO/Founder Josh Bocanegra now clarifies that it is a site for whatever you find attractive, not necessarily pretty people. Together with his girlfriend Jeanine Fuentes they have done all the work to now make it a love finding website, well unless your only looking for a hook up. Lol So what you do is either share your room to a person visiting your town or you look for a room to share for the city you are visiting and hopefully find romance at the same time. Like shooting two love birds at once. Ha ha! Well since Mr. Bocanegra has been called a Hollywood entrepreneur and a genius I thought it would be interesting to chat with the It Boy of the moment. Check out and #makeroomforlove this Valentine’s Day people.

Samara: So tell us what is LoveRoom?

Josh: LoveRoom is this crazy idea about helping people create meaningful relationships by sharing a room. It’s a travel app with a twist. Rather than helping you find a place to stay, we help you find interesting people to stay with.


Samara: So is it a misconception that only super attractive people can join?

Josh: Yes, it is a misconception. The media toke our message out of context. Everyone is attractive to someone.


Samara: Do you mind the controversy and negative feedback you’ve gotten?

Josh: No, I don’t mind. Bad press is better than no press.


Samara: How was it that you got so much attention from just a landing page?

Josh: I think because the concept was so unique and edgy, I knew would share it. I didn’t know we were going to get press for it though.


Samara: And now you’re being called a Hollywood Entrepreneur?

Josh: Lol, yeah.


Samara: How does it feel?

Josh: I don’t know, I guess is nice to be noticed. I prefer Sexy Hollywood Entrepreneur.


Samara: And your girlfriend Jeanine is the co-founder?

Josh: Yes. Her and I are doing all of the product development, customer service, marketing, pretty much everything.


Samara: Do you want to encourage the LGBT community to join?

Josh: We already have tons of LGBT people on LoveRoom from all around the world. We’re totally supportive.


Samara: Do you think more people will find love or sex on your site?

Josh: I’m pretty sure people will find love or sex on LoveRoom. However, since sex is easy to find – depending on who you are – we would like to hear more stories about finding love.


Samara: Tell us about your own love story?

Josh: Me and Jeanine met on Facebook. About 2 months after we met, we moved in together. Soon after we moved to Los Angeles to find more opportunities. Everything is coming together in surreal way.


Samara: So you do believe people can find love online?

Josh: Yes, we have.


Samara: I hear there are many more projects coming up. Which ones can you tell us about?

Josh: We just teamed up with the former president of MTV to work on a new TV show based on LoveRoom. I can’t give out too many details but its going to be a lot of fun. twitter @JoshBocanegra