Kelly Lynch – How Does She Do It?

You’ve heard the story before, model turned actress does good in Hollywood. But one Kelly Lynch is one of the few that can still find themselves working in the entertainment industry for over twenty years.

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From Drugstore Cowboy, Charlie’s Angels, The L Word (playing a drag king, nontheless), to most recently the new 90210 and now the Starz original series Magic City, set on the glamorous Miami Beach 1959. Ms Lynch has staying power. All that and a successful Hollywood marriage of twenty years to Magic City’s creator Mitch Glazer. How does she do it? Take note young Hollywood starlets. I recently attended the black carpet premiere of Magic City and had a chance to meet and interview Ms Lynch. What I found was a nice, down to earth, sweetheart of an actress. That may be the secret to her success.

Again take note young Hollywood starlets. And now I’m happy to bring you Ms Kelly Lynch.
Samara: Tell us how you got cast in Magic City?
Kelly: Well, I slept with the showrunner… because he’s my husband. (laughs)
Samara: Oh wow that was easy.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah. It was fun too!
Samara: Did you get to choose the character you wanted to play?
Kelly: Well this has been a dream of ten years ago, Mitch wrote the original version of Magic City and he had a couple of different characters he was developing that he thought would be right for me. We’ve kind of admired John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands and have worked together in the past and we adored working with each other actually.

So it was always a plan to be a part of this with each other together. And he developed a character for me that is absolutely perfect and something that I really… everyday I feel like I should pay them to go to work, I didn’t say that, (laughs) but it’s so much fun.
Samara: Especially shooting on South Beach, Miami right?
Kelly: Oh yeah, Miami, it’s ridiculous… it’s like to be there and work at the same time is crazy fun. I mean its just one of the great cities in the world and right now its really glamorous, the art there, the Latin influence in Miami from South America as well as Cuba, from everywhere has really invigorated the city. Art Basel. It’s a glamorous time like 1959 when our show is set is a similar kind of vibe. So we have this sort of parallel thing going on. You know the glamour, the Rat Pack era which is our era 1959 coupled with whats going on right now which is a similar really great vibe. The place is absolutely… you know… amazing restaurants, the music, the people. Its sophisticated but sexy. It’s fun to be there.
Samara: And hot?
Kelly: And hot. I like it. It’s great for your skin. (laughs)
Samara: So tell us a little bit about your character?
Kelly: Well, she’s an interesting person. In 1959 she’s a very wealthy heiress. Completely independently wealthy. Her family… her parents are dead. She never had children. She just said good-bye to husband number two so she has the wealth of the… she’s maybe the wealthiest person in Miami. And powerful and yet beautiful, a woman, very sexy. A bit of a trouble maker. Fun. And you know what could be better? Really. The clothes, the houses, the cars that a woman like that would have. It’s really fun! (laughs)
Samara: Wow! Sounds like you got the best part…
Kelly: I think so. Definitely.
Samara: What do you want to let people know so they’ll tune in to the show?
Kelly: You will not be disapointed. These are… this years eight mini movies that are as sexy and fun and glamorous, and exciting, and surprising, and cool as any movie I’ve ever seen.
Samara: Thank you so much for your time.
Kelly: Samara It’s been a pleasure. Bye.

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By S. Riviera,