Mr. Bullet Leather 2014

Matthew Mullins
Mr. Bullet Leather 2014
By Alberto Orozco

Alberto: Please try to give us a profile of yourself.

Matthew: I’m a student and a writer, I live in Hollywood. I was an editor of the Los Angeles Collegian, a blogger for LA Weekly, Wehoville, and write on my own blog, MatthewBeatsPerMinute. I’m a photographer for the L.A. Chapter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, and take pictures professionally for the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Spit! at Faultline, and do a lot of volunteer and charity work for many groups, including; Tom of Finland Foundation, APLA, LAGLC, Operation Gratitude, and many others. I write music under the name Biological, and have a classically trained singing voice. I have performed in theatre productions all over Southern California, and was trained at Huntington Beach’s Academy for the Performing Arts alongside Huntington Beach High School, where I graduated in 1998. In high school I met Larry Townsend, writer of the Leatherman’s Handbook. Larry taught me the ‘ropes. I have been interested in leather since I was 13 years old.

Alberto: Describe what the Leather World is and means for you?

Matthew: The leather world allows anyone and everyone to explore a side of themselves that exists in all of us, but normally is shunned or hidden away. We have been conditioned to fear not being accepted or tolerated for anything that involves something possibly considered taboo or overtly sexual. But I say, fuck that. If anyone doesn’t accept any side of you, you owe it to yourself to go do what makes you happy, and have pride in doing what makes you feel good. Celebrate who and what you are. The leather community seems intimidating, but they welcome anyone and everyone with open arms. The love I have found within this community knows no bounds. Well, there may be some binding, but I swear, the marks fade!

Alberto: What did move you to participate in Mr. Bullet Leather 2014 and tell us about this contest?

Matthew: I did the Mr. Regiment contest in October and got second runner up. My brother Andy won. He deserved it, he was the right fit. I was sad at first but decided that I wanted to continue to try and win a title. I looked around at all the different contests and saw that the Bullet was having their contest in February. I had been to the Bullet several times, and I love the bar and Michael Lara, who owns the bar, is someone I look up to. So I turned in my application, and ended up running against two really amazing guys, Christopher Skidmore and Eric Gilfand. I have known Eric for quite some time now, and he is amazing. Christopher is equally just as amazing. I was nervous, but the bar just seemed right to me. The contest, which was a long one… was an amazing experience and I really did everything as solid as I could. When they announced me as the winner, I held in my tears, I had never felt so happy, so accepted, so right, in all my life.

Alberto: What makes you different from other Mr. Leather winners and participants?

Matthew: My differences lie all within my history, as do with my brothers, because our history is what shapes us and makes us different. My history is filled with a lot of substance abuse problems, and even some physical abuse. I spent many years of my life snorting meth to numb my feelings and being a total jackass. I cared nothing for myself or the world and lived for the drugs I was immersing myself in. After ten years of that, I tossed off those rusty shackles, and decided to grow as a person. I got into school, got in shape and started focusing on what I find to be the most important thing in the world, my community, my family. Now I run in 5k races to raise money for cancer, AIDS, and military family relief funds. I raise money for autistic youth with a group of awesome guys called the Payasos, and I am doing AIDS lifecycle this year.  The gay community took care of me when I was a jumbled mess for years, now it’s my turn to take care of them. What makes me possibly different in that my reason for wanting to win is fueled by my desire to help others. I think a few others in my class share this desire as well.

Alberto: Are there any responsibilities that you assume when you become Mr. Bullet Leather?

Matthew: As Mr. Bullet Leather, I am expected to represent the Bullet Bar, organize events that will help promote the bar and help the community, and run for. Mr. Los Angeles Leather, which is happening on Saturday, March 29. It’s very exciting. The. Bullet Bar matches me perfectly. It’s a true leather bar, it’s off the beaten path, but closer than most people think. We have a lot in common. (Laughs) As Mr. Bullet, I plan to help the bar in any way I can. It has a newly remodeled and expanded patio area, and the remodel continues to make it more beautiful and spacious. Mr. Bullet will do exactly what he should do, represent!

Alberto: What would be the perfect leather scene for you?

Matthew: There is no perfect scenario for me, because the fun in sex lies in the imperfect, the surprises, and the unplanned. The unknown. As far as what I have gotten into, I like bondage, pup play, master/slave scenarios, I am hugely into underwear, gear, and neoprene. I love leather of course.. And as far as which role I get off on, that always has depended on the person. My advice on sex is to try everything twice and don’t judge anyone for what they get off on… Because trust me.. There’s something you want that you don’t want anyone to know… And when that little fantasy becomes a reality, you will experience pleasure like you have never known. Be brave, be smart, be adventurous!

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