My 1 Year Anniversary In Hollywood!

Hey ya’ll! Well it’s been a while since I had a chance to catch up with you guys so this month I decided to share some insight into my first year back in Hollywood baby. As you all know I was back east living a wonderful life experience in Miami and NYC, but Hollywood will always be my home. ¡Que viva Hollywood! When you leave a city and come back you learn to appreciate it so much more and of course with this California weather who wouldn’t, right?

OK, so my move back started out a bit shaky, I must say. When I came back I found out that the friends I thought I had left behind and would always be my good friends, didn’t turn out to be. Yes my friends, all of them, flaked out on me. Eek! We had kept in touch through out my years back east but for some reason when I moved back they all just disappeared out of my life, little by little. Really surprised me. Also my living arrangements were less than desirable and the job front was weak.

So what did I do? I finally decided to give this Law of Attraction a first look and see if I worked on myself and my spirituality would that help me out. I had been introduced to the law of attraction via the Secret dvd. So I was aware of it but not fully into it. I found myself feeling down and lonely with no job or friends to speak of so I finally decided to listen to the cd my friend gave me from the book The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I listed to it one day and bam! It clicked for me. It just clicked for me at that moment. What I mean is that I had been frustrated by The Secret dvd because it wasn’t working for me so I had left it behind but then when I heard that cd somehow it just clicked and made perfect sense. The Abrahams- Hicks just have a better way of explaining the Law of Attraction than Rhonda Byrne does with the Secret, I believe.

So since then, what I call my spiritual awakening, my life has taken a turn for the best. I’m choosing more happy feeling thoughts, I’m living my life with more positive outlooks, and yes I even get checks in the mail, because I work jobs that mail me checks not because I just sit at home on my couch waiting for checks in the mail… lol  (a little Secret joke)

         So now that I feel people can be happy in this lifetime I am living a wonderful and fabulous life in Hollywood. I got back into my acting, which can be a job that pays if you don’t mind doing extra work and just seeing it as a job, I met new good friends on movie/tv sets, and I’ve even started painting once again. I just love working on movie/tv sets. I mean if you’re an actress and you have a choice to be a waitress to rude people or work on movie sets with Oliver Stone, Kathy Bates, Christopher Malone, which do you think I rather choose? Of course working with all those famous people, which I have.

So now the job front is fabulous, I have some really good female friends I’ve met on set, and I have my own apartment. I love my fabulous life. I get to attend some of the hottest events in LA. I’ve done red carpet interviews at the GLAAD Awards, interviewed some really famous people, I perform at the Palms Bar at times, I’ve promoted parties, I’ve worked on some of my favorite TV shows such as Glee, and have attended fashion shows. And of course met some hot LA boyz in my time back here.

And I know some of you are thinking that I just love writing about myself and love name dropping. Yes I do, what artist doesn’t? (shout out to Willam) BUT. When someone is happy in what they do they love sharing it with people and hope people will take joy in listening to your happiness. Unfortunately there are unhappy bitter people out there that don’t want to hear about someone else being happy because they are not. Because if you are happy for someone else it means you are happy in your life and you don’t care what other peoples lives are, good or bad, you’re just too busy being happy in your life. So be happy people. First find happiness in your life and then you’ll see that you too will be happy for others in their lives. But of course we have to love ourselves first before we can love others. Blah, blah, blah. And now get ready to enjoy a fabulous hot sexy summer with some hot sexy Cali. Boyz!

S. Riviera –