Naked Boys Singing!

September 17 through October 25, 2009 at MACHA Theatre

odalysConceived & directed by Bob Schrock and produced by Odalys Nanin, this musical play will bring you eight gorgeous guys that dance and sing their way into your heart! Nanin’s version of Naked Boysis sure to bring a smile to your face. The play has had more than an eleven-year run in small playhouses across the country and a DVD has been made as well. You will enjoy the songs, dance and comedy that have been hailed by audiences and critics alike. And yes, they really are naked! But after a while you practically forget that because of the play’s very fast-paced and witty antics. We had the opportunity to have a conversation with Odalys about Naked Boys Singing and MACHA Theatre:

Adelante: Why did you pick this play to produce? 
Odalys: First, I love the music and the lyrics; it’s fun to watch. I pride myself in producing cutting edge plays with special themes. Naked Boys Singing was last seen 11 years ago here in Los Angeles. It was time to bring it back. Also, Robert Schrock the creator and director is someone I respect. He gave me my first chance to do a stage reading of my first play LOVE STRUCK. I never forgot how supportive he was of me as a writer and actor. I wanted to work with him again. It also has been translated into 46 Languages and is presently being produced in Portugal. It’s universal in style and it’s truly art. I say Art with a capital A because you have to have the talent to be in it.

Adelante: How and where did you find the current guys playing the “Naked Boys?” What was the casting criteria? Was it just voice and talent or was it body and other attributes? 
Odalys: A Great voice is the first and most important requirement and you must be able to move well. To tell you the truth, a great body was not the most important thing when I was casting this play. If you had a great voice and can dance, well having a great body is just the whip cream on the cake.

Adelante: Can you tell me about the performers and one special trait about each one? 
Odalys: Let’s see. There’s ERIC B. ANTHONY, very talented and has a great voice; DANIEL RIVERA, funny and also has a great voice; MARCO INFANTE, sweet, and a great dancer; JACK HARDING, he has a beautiful Eagle feather tattoo on his back and is a great singer; JEFFREY A. JOHNS, I like the fact that he is only 5’, 4” tall but he is a powerhouse and has lots of energy; TONY MELSON, is talented and simply gorgeous; and VICTOR TANG, a great dancer and singer and he’s Asian Pacific Islander and they have to be represented as well.

Adelante: How is this version different than previous versions? 
Odalys: There is new choreography and a new song, The Entertainer that has not been performed here. Also, we added a follow spotlight.

Adelante: What is your favorite part if any? 
Odalys: The French Maid number is one of my favorites.

Adelante: What are your plans for upcoming plays? 
Odalys: Presently, I’m writing a new play which I will produced in January 2010 called “NAKED IN THE TROPICS.” The stage reading will be September 11, 2009 at 8pm. I hope Adelante readers will come and see it. We will have a Q&A after the stage reading. Admission is just a $5 donation. It’s about the double life of a gay teenage boy who gets in trouble with drugs due to his involvement with this porno drug dealer guy. He dances naked at a Club in WeHo called the Tropics. His mom thinks his working a part time job at night. When he gets busted he is sent to immigration court and might be deported. His mother does everything to save him, so the play will explore a mother’s blind love for her gay son as well as gay and immigration issues. It’s my first play with original songs and music. As a writer-producer, I always aim to achieve what I call the three E’s: Educate, Enlighten and Entertain. Naked in the Tropics has all three E’s and much more…Nakedness!

Adelante: How is MACHA Theatre doing in general? 
Odalys: I remodeled this theatre in two month and invested a lot of money in order to save it from being demolished and turned into a parking lot! I opened Macha Theatre/Films in April 2007 right at the start of the economic crisis and it was very difficult to keep our doors open. But, I pray a lot and I don’t give up on Art. It’s my number one mistress.

You see this theatre is very special to me. I knew the previous owner Thad Taylor and I played Jessica in the Merchant of Venice many years ago. Imagine a Latina playing Jessica a White Jewish girl. It was great! Thad Taylor cast me in the role and I don’t forget those things. I love the City of West Hollywood because it is the heart of our community. The City of West Hollywood is also very supportive of the Arts and it’s known Internationally.

Adelante: Where are some places folks can go out and eat prior to, or after the play in the in the area? 
Odalys: Our collaborators are Hugo’s Restaurant right next to the theatre and La Boheme a very romantic place right across the street from us. If you purchase a ticket for any play at Macha Theatre and you present it to one of these two restaurants for the same night of the show, you will receive 10% off your dinner before or after the show. I encourage you to do that. They have great food.

So there you are. Have a night out on the town and get over to MACHA Theatre for Naked Boys Singing! For more information, please call 323-960-4424 or visit www.machatheatre.org or www.plays411.com. MACHA Theatre is located at 1107 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

The Opening Night Gala Red Carpet will be Friday, Sept. 25 at 8 pm. Tickets are $40 and will include appetizers. Adelante Magazine is sponsoring the Opening Night Gala.