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Without Fear

By: Eder Díaz Santillán

Happy New Year! I can’t believe how fast time goes by. We are starting a new decade. I remember very well when we were about to begin the year 2000, the big deal people created everywhere because it was the new millennium, and here we are now, 20 years later. When I start thinking about how fast time goes by, it gives me chills. Especially because I am no longer 16 or 17 years old. I am reaching an age when I no longer feel infinite, in which I am aware that youth is getting behind. Does it happen to you? When I was younger, time didn’t scare me, it excited me. Today, when another year passes by, I realize that I should not waste my time. That if I want something I should do everything possible to achieve it – in my work, with my education, in my personal life.

I started going to therapy just about 3 weeks ago and it has changed my life. But I realized that I had a lot of time wanting to do it, but it represented a very high expense. After my first session I realized how much I needed it, and how much this decision will benefit me. In my personal life I have had many moments in which I realize that I have fears and perhaps traumas also that I have not yet processed, that they are a very heavy burden that I carry and that stop me at key moments. I no longer want to ignore all that, and I want to help improve the path I have to follow.

In this 2020 I have many goals and there are many things that await me. The other day Iread one of those overused phrases shared on Instagram, but this one did struck me: “If something is for you, all you need to do is be you, in order to receive it.” I kept thinking about it and asked myself if I’m already the person I want to be.  Ask yourself that question in silence and meditate on want to achieve or change to become the person you really want to be, what you feel at the bottom of your heart that you should be. It is quite strong to realize that life is passing fast and that we are missing happy moments just out of fear. My personal goal for this 2020 is to do everything I have to do to stop saying “I’m afraid” again. Let my life take paths and turns based on everything except fear. Let my memories be woven with everything but fear – and I hope yours too, and I hope that today you will look for all the resources you have at your fingertips so that you can begin to live fully and truly to be the real you.


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