Remove the Blocks, Create the Life You REALLY Want

If you follow this column, you will know I constantly advocate getting really clear about what you are thinking and saying. Recently, I ended up in the “hot seat” as some of my clients call therapy sessions with me.

kellie2It was one of those squiggly experiences consisting of a ping pong match in my head: “Oh, no do I have to answer that?” vs. “Yes I do for my personal betterment.” This unscheduled but highly desired “session” had almost perfect timing.

So, who was my hero? He is this incredibly successful photographer who asked me to help with his book. It turned out that we became very close friends and I have to admit, he is rather gorgeous and I have a terribly serious crush on him, so hands off boys.

My issue has been grounding to the world of “having prosperity.” I saw a lot of ugly aspects in the world of prosperity and beauty when I moved to Socal back in 1979. That was the beginning of the years of Dallas, designer jeans, gold jewelry, big hair, big shoulders and big everything else, except weight.

Being well over 110 pounds, I did not fit into the designer jeans. My shoulders were already rivaling Refrigerator Perry’s (Oakland Raiders), the delicate gold chains got caught in my fat rolls and my hair was thin, thus making big impossible.

My sister, mother and father fit the new trends perfectly. They loved all the designer gear and signs of prosperity and success. They appeared addicted to the “it” things of the world and were constantly seeking items of representative prosperity. They looked miserable chasing all those things.

They had lost their freedom and I was not about to do that. They fit all the “goodies” and were miserable. I could not fit into all the goodies, but knew that fitting in would never be enough. So, I went the other direction and lived in relative poverty where even rent and food became issues.

Finally, I reached my bottom. I have been working on bringing in prosperity and say and believe that I am thinking all the right things. Yet, prosperity evaded me as did many of the things that bring beauty into your life. I had created the exact life I had intended when I rejected the representations of beauty and prosperity.

Then I met my hero photographer and I gave him to the power to okay beauty and prosperity. Sometimes when something does not come easily to you, you can draw closer to it by granting someone else the power to okay for you what you cannot okay for yourself.

At this same time, my partner and I were attempting to understand why we were working the Laws of Attraction, but still could not pay the rent. We decided it was because we were sending out underlying messages that were contrary to success and prosperity.
Being the genius that he is, my partner discovered Joe Vitale. He is one of the contributors to “The Secret.” He offers several clearing techniques in his book, “The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want.”
The clearing techniques allow you to clear the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional blocks you have to whatever it is you wish to draw into your life. Get Joe’s book. Get it, get it, get it!!!

Our lives have changed dramatically. We paid the rent for November, on time and with perfect ease. We are eating regularly. We have all our bills paid and we bringing in project after project.

My block was to literally block all symbols of prosperity. My intent was to avoid losing my freedom to the addiction of things, but I misstated it and created poverty instead of freedom. Ironically, poverty is a type of prison, the exact opposite of freedom. I intended to avoid prosperity and being a brilliant manifester, I achieved my goals so well as to have nearly needed to go to a soup kitchen.

My photographer and I were drawn to one another. I put out the message that I wanted to clear my ill-conceived perspective of beauty and prosperity and he showed up in the highest energy, nicest way possible. Yes, he put me in the hot seat, but with unconditional love and kindness.

Get clear about your thinking. The Laws of Attraction are working whether you want them to or not, so why not do the work. Jump in the hot seat, somehow, some way, with someone or by yourself, but do it. Remove those blocks to the things that you want. Get clean before you hit bottom.

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By Maria Etta Anabel