Reviews August 2014

Reviews – August 2014




Ernest Montgomery

Seguramente has soñado despierto alguna vez con recorrer las playas de República Dominicana y sentir como el sol te besa. Sobre todo habrás imaginado morenos cuerpos voluptosos que con muy poca ropa merodean esos paisajes encantadores. Por lo pronto podrás ver esos morenos plasmados en fotos en un hermoso libro que te hará suspirar, no te lo pierdas.

10.25 x 13.5 inch, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-86787-663-6.




Quieres tener un libro con hermosas fotos de “miembros” de principio a fin? Pero no un libro cualquiera, con fotos de mal gusto y sin ningún arte, no, nada de eso…Por fin puedes adquirir un libro con fotos buenísimas, donde podrás admirar muchos, pero muchos “miembros”, de ese club al que te gusta pertenecer y admirar.

10.25 x 13.5 inch, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-86787-678-0.




I Do


I Do presents both sides of the issues surround DOMA for gay and international couples. What’s left in the balance are families and couples often torn apart because of restrictions placed on them, especially those with bi-national immigration status. Immigration, which most heterosexual couples take for granted as a given, complicated same-sex relationships, eve in states where marriage is now legal.


Five Dances

TLA Releasing

The coming of age tale of an extraordinarily gifted young dancer recently arrived in New York City, Five Dances is a visually sensual glimpse of life and first love in the downtown contemporary dance world. The cast includes five of New York’s most talented dancers, capturing the emotional turbulence and creative excitement of a small dance company during the process of creation.


The Last Match

Canteen Outlaws

Reiner and Yosvani are best friends and soccer mates in steamy Havana, Cuba. Reiner prostitutes himself to older male foreigners on the waterfront. The shy Yosvani is reluctantly engaged to a wealthy girl. Sharing a kiss at a nightclub, the two men succumb to their desires, but as their love intensifies, the challenge is not with them but with the unforgiving outside world they exist in.




Santana – Corazón

Sony Music Latin

Esta es la primera vez que Santana hace un disco donde su música es acompañada por grandes voces de reconocidos cantantes, son todos sus grandes éxitos, y lo acompañan intérpretes de la talla de Lila Downs, Gloria Estefan, Juanes, Niña Pastori, Diego Torres, Pitbull, entre otros. Por supuesto, el disco está en los primeros lugares de popularidad.


Roxanna – Exotica

Miles High Productions

With the introduction to Exotica, lead single “Close Your Eyes” takes you on a personal journey with its dramatic storyline and emotional lyrics, Roxanna’s heartfelt message is strongly emphasized by the elegance of her gorgeous vocals. Roxanna’s world of experience is translated through her passion for music and songwriting.


Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour

Capitol Records

In The Lonely Hour further reveals Smith’s impeccable artistry, as both a singer and songwriter. Sam Smith’s ever-growing fan base now includes the Queen of R&B Mary J. Blige, who lent her vocals to a new duet with Smith of his acclaimed and rising debut single, “Stay With Me.” This fall, Smith will return for a North American tour that will begin September 15 in Boston.