Reviews – Feb 2014

Reviews – Feb 2014


All Is Lost

An open-water thriller about one man’s battle for survival against the elements after his sailboat is destroyed at sea. Using only a sextant and nautical maps to chart his progress, he is forced to rely on ocean currents to carry him into a shipping lane in hopes of hailing a passing vessel. But with the sun unrelenting, sharks circling and his meager supplies swindling, the ever-resourceful sailor soon dinds himself staring his mortality in the face.



Dallas Buyers Club
Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Texas cowboy Ron Woodroof sees his free-wheeling life overturned when he’s diagnosed as HIV-positive and given 30 days to live. Determined to survive, Woodroof decides to take matters in his own hands by tracking down alternative treatments from all over the world by means both legal and illegal. After his journey to find a cure leads him to an unlikely ally in Rayon, he establishes a hugely successful “buyers’ club” and unites a band of outcasts in a struggle for dignity and acceptance that inspires in ways no one could have imagined.


The Prey
Cohen Media

Franck Adrien is serving a short prison sentence for robbing a national bank, but before he got caught he managed to hide the money. And it’s not just the police who are looking for the loot. Franck has unwittingly told his seemingly friendly cellmate Jean-Louis Maurel about the money, but soon Jean-Louis is cleared of the charges against him. His departing words as he leaves prison are a promise to Franck that he will look after his family.



Lucero – Lucero en Concierto
Universal Music Latin

Una colección de algunos de sus más grandes éxitos y grabado en un concierto único en el Auditorio Nacional de la cuidad de México, el pasado 25 de octubre. Con músicos en vivo y mariachi, este álbum incluye 3 temas inéditos de su propia autoría, entre ellos “No Pudiste Amar Así” primer sencillo de esta producción. Lucero es por primera vez compositora y productora.



Jennifer Holliday – The Song Is You
Shanachie Entertainment

An enchanting collection of R&B and Jazz numbers that showcase Holliday at her best. The Song Is You is Jennifer’s first pop album in 23 years and it defies expectations. More of it is her take on standards but there are also previously unrecorded songs and lesser-known compositions. The dynamic vocalist draws from jazz, R&B and Broadway but even when the song is well-known, her interpretation transports the songs into fresh territory.



Miguel Bosé – Colección Definitiva
Warner Music Latina

Tras 20 meses de trabjo se ha conseguido reunir el mayor grupo posible de los éxitos que han marcado la carrera de una de las grandes figuras de España, Miguel Bosé. Desde sus inicios con Linda o Te Amaré, pasando por Amande Bandido o Sevilla y finalizando con éxitos más recientes como Morenamía y Olvídame Tú, todas, absolutamente todas se encuentran por primera vez juntas en este álbum.