The 116th United States Congress

The 116th United States Congress

By:  Ally Bolour, Esq. – Bolour Immigration Group, APC

Immigration will no doubt continue to be a key issue for the next two years when a presidential election is set to take place.  Politicians and those aspiring to be one will soon stake out their positions.  Everyone, including immigration restrictionist, should reject any vague responses to the clear question of reforming our immigration laws.   

The facts are clear.  America needs immigrants.  The world is increasingly mobile and global competition is essential for our nation’s economic survival.  Immigrants pay into social security and Medicare.  The border is more secure than its ever been.  A wall is not possible.  We have a moral and legal obligation to refugees.  In order to remove those who intend to do us harm, we must have a full accounting of everyone in this country and provide legal status to the undocumented if they are otherwise eligible and aren’t a threat to our national security.  However, after almost 2 decades of debate and grandstanding, we are further away from any meaningful reform than ever before.

Sadly, both Republicans and Democrats have been complicit in using immigration as a political wedge issue.  They’re both guilty of lying to varying degrees and have made promises with no real plans on how to deliver.  As a result, immigrant communities, families, children, and America as a nation have all paid a heavy price.

We the people should no longer give any passes on the issue of immigration to our congressional representatives – because they deserve none!  With the recapture of the House of Representatives, Democrats have a unique and perhaps a last ditch opportunity to deliver on their promises.  Similarly, with a divided government, Republicans have an opportunity to be a partner in solving the immigration conundrum for generations to come.  Immigration reform, can and should be, a  win-win solution for everyone.

The new Congress will be seated in the first week of January 2019 but the race for the next Congress and the Presidency itself has already begun.  Members of congress have only one boss – you!  Find out who is representing you in D.C. by visiting  Make an appointment to meet them in their local offices.  Go to their town halls.  Ask them directly what their position is on immigration reform.  Don’t settle for canned answers.  If you don’t like their answers, challenge them and if still not satisfied, mobilize and vote them out in 2020.  As we’ve just experienced, EVERYTHING is possible, including getting rid of institutional heavyweights from both parties who’ve been cocooned in their DC offices for decades well past their expiration dates!

I will be traveling to Washington D.C. in April 2019 to join hundreds of my colleagues from all over the country to advocate for immigration reform.  If you want your stories told or want to tag along (you’d need to cover your own expenses) please call my office at 323-857-0034. 

Advocacy for immigration reform should not be difficult – but it is.  That’s why after 20+ years of this work, every time I’m down, I remind myself of two truths:  1.  America is a nation of immigrants, and 2.  No one is illegal.