The Importance YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Etc.

“You can find my video on Youtube.” “Facebook me.” and “Add me on Myspace.” Are all too common phrases we hear on a daily basis. Especially with the gays, the teens, and anyone trying to get their projects out to the masses. But are Youtube, Facebook, and Myspace really important in our lives?

I grew up in the neon 80’s and back then we didn’t have any of these social networks much less an internet. We actually had to call people on the phone if we wanted to communicate with them. Can you believe that? Now of course we have cell phones that can access all those networking sites, text friends, and sometimes actually call people on them. But why is it that we can’t live without any of these social networks now a days? People, and by people I mean me, are on them day and night. The more you keep checking them the more you get addicted to them. But are they really good for us?

Well, in my opinion YT, FB, and MS are important to our lives now a days. I mean sure everyone knows that you’re in DC pride for the weekend, that you’re on the way to the hospital with kidney stone problems, and that your cat Fluffy is having a birthday today by checking your status. But more importantly you can find documentaries on YT that allegedly prove that Beyonce, Rihanna, and Gaga are satanists, you can find your old high school friends on FB, and you can come out to your family members on MS. So, there is a more important significance to these social networks. Let me break them down for you as to why each and everyone of these sites, aside from being addictive, are good for our lives.

Youtube has become a place where talented artists are discovered. A musician posts his videos of him singing and or playing an instrument and boom within a week you’re on the Ellen Show and have a record deal. Talking to you Greyson Chance. And didn’t Justin Bieber get discovered on YT as well? Sure YT is a place where anybody can post stupid videos but also where real talented artists can get exposure and or a following. For example: I bet you guys have never heard of drag performer Twat LaRouge. Well look her up on YT and find the unique way drag can be performed. This is especially for those tired of the same ol’ drag shows. Trust me it will blow you away and have you LOL. You can see videos of performers from all over the world and be cultured without leaving your computer desk or even your hometown. I mean there is so much to say about YT but I’m just giving you little examples of why I think YT is important for us. You can learn a lot from YT. Just last week someone told me to look up these search words on YT: Jay Z the deception. OMFG! Wow!

Was I blown away from these little documentaries that allegedly claim that Beyonce, Rihanna, Gaga, and many more are satanists. I can’t say more. You look them up and make your own decision. But what I am trying to say is that there is some pretty interesting stuff on there, and yes of course there’s some trash as well like the new craze of kids pouring liquor from bottles straight into their eyes. Geez. What morons come up with this? But the most important reason I believe YT is important is because I think were recording our times history on the internet without really knowing it. Sure the ancients had walls to write on, books to write, but we have the internet to leave our mark for the future to learn about us. Think about it.

I’ll combine FB and MS into one paragraph because they are basically the same. What I love about these sites is that you are able to come out to your family members as a gay or trans or whatever you are. And it’s a lot easier than telling them in their face and having them be shocked and uncomfortable for the rest of the conversation. Well at least for me it was easy for the young people in my family to find me there as Samara Riviera, tranny galore. They found me from one relative to the other, connected the dots and boom added me just like that. Now they all have me and we communicate through their more than any other way. These are relatives that I don’t really talk to on the phone but still are close to them when I visit home so this is a great way to keep in touch and find out what is going on with our lives.

So I love it! And yes of course FB & MS are addictive as well. If you find yourself saying in your mind, “went to see Sex and the City 2 and luv’d it, go see it now!” just as you’re leaving the movie theather with plans of posting it as your status on FB then there is something seriously wrong with you. Stop thinking of the comments you’re gonna leave on your FB page before you even get to a computer/phone. Stop it, now! Of course I mentioned before that these sites are a great place where you can find your old high school and childhood friends. Now I plan on having a high school reunion when I get back to Cali. with my old friends. So see there is importance in these sites for us all. Of course there are some bad things associated with these sites as well such as cyberstalking and cyberbullying but we just deal with it like in our everyday lives.

Well there you have it. The importance of YT, FB, and MS in our lives. And I won’t even get into Twitter because, although I have an account and update it often, I’m still not sure how or why it works… But you will see me updating it daily. Isn’t it funny how I don’t even know what I’m doing but I’m doing it. LOL

By Samara Riviera