The Wall

By: Ally Bolour, Esq. – Bolour Immigration Group

In an an era when technological advancements have effectively turned the world into a village, where goods and people travel all over the world almost seamlessly, the President of the United States and his Republican enablers are demanding a wall…supposedly to keep out a couple of thousand refugees!

Now everyone knows that the president is intellectually challenged.  But what about his advisors?  What about the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen who testified last week under oath before Congress, in broken English, that she wants wall!  That’s right she said:  “From Congress, I would ask for wall….We need wall.”

Apparently, in a lust fest whipped up by the deranged Stephen Miller, everyone who should know better, are instead climbing all over one another and demanding “wall.”  This while we already have over 600 miles of wall and fence and since 2007, most of the undocumented population has grown by visa overstays and not by unauthorized border crossings. 

Here are some additional facts.  Aside from being a ginormous waste of $5Billion of tax payer money with more billions to follow later, Trump and Miller’s pet project would:

  1. Block access to the Rio Grande;
  2. Seize lands from Americans through eminent domain;
  3. Exile hundreds of thousands of acres of the United States to a no man’s land between the river and the wall;
  4. Seal off critical wildlife corridors;
  5. Destroy our public lands;
  6. Send the wrong message to the world.

It’s impossible to comprehend as to why the richest and most powerful country in the history of the world wants to wall itself off! My wish for the new year is a Congress willing to exert its constitutional authority and check this lawless and infantile president.  The United States of America does not need a wall.  It just needs a functioning government.

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