Vermex Van Croix

He sings with Sweet Love!

S. Riviera,

Photo by Andrés Hernández


If you’re a fan of Sábado Gigante and El Chacal then you might recognize my latest interview subject Mr Vermex Van Croix. He was a finalist on the singing competition segment of the show a couple months back. He’s been a good friend of mine for years, having met in Miami, so now I am happy to share this Puerto Rican/Mexican/Colombian singer with you. If you hear him sing live you will fall in love, guaranteed. He’s a talented singer/songwriter and also plays the guitar. His latest single “Sweet Love” is out now and is now busy working on the next single “Love is Like Gold.” Check out his music on iTunes and all over the net.


Samara: How was it that you discovered your talent for music?

Vermex: Hi Samara and thank you for the opportunity to have people know who I am. I discovered my talent at the age of five while listening to my genius of a Dad who was extremely talented. I wanted to see if I could sing while listening to him and kind of realized that I could sing, so I’d perform for the elderly at the Cardozo Hotel on South Beach where my grandmother was the manager at that moment…


Samara: What kind of music do you do?

Vermex: I started with Latin Crooner and recently recorded Soul, R&B and Dance.


Samara: How was it that you got into Sábado Gigante con el Chacal?

Vermex: Well, my voice teacher was telling me a lady gave her the Sábado Gigante contact because they were auditioning for the Chacal Trumpet Show and immediately she thought of me to go and audition!


Samara: What song did you choose and why?

Vermex: I had picked a song in Spanish by Juan Gabriel but was told by the music director that the musicians did not want to do Juan Gabriel. So she asked me to sing a cover song by Alejandro Fernández called “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti.” I learned it in 4 days before the recording. I thought it was a great song to sing when she suggested it because i was kind of going threw the situation of what the song was talking about…


Samara: Is it distracting having El Chacal and those characters there with you on stage?

Vermex: Honestly speaking I knew it would be but I knew what to expect so I kind of blocked all that and realized everyone including the shows host were loving my performance including Don Francisco and the chacal…lol


Samara: And you ended up as one of the top two finalists right?

Vermex: Yes I got to the top two finalist, it was a great moment. I’m grateful to have gotten to the last part and get great exposure. They always do repeats of the show every Saturday as well. I think it’s a huge platform to be heard.


Samara: Any backstage gossip for us?

Vermex: There was no gossip, at least that I was aware of but I truly feel Sábado Gigante gave me a chance to show my talent. I’m very grateful….


Samara: What other talents do you have?

Vermex: Samara, other than singing and songwriting I also play the guitar and design all types of clothing apparel and Costume.


Samara: Any new projects?

Vermex: At the moment I’m working with a cover band called “Horizon Band” and we are working lots of corporate events and weddings! I will also be working on a new video for my song “Love is Like Gold” and a photo shoot in the works.

I’m feeling extremely blessed and grateful with the Universe, God, & Karma.


Samara: Do you consider yourself spiritual?

Vermex: Yeah, absolutely. I consider myself to be spiritual as I am always trying to do and be a better person. I am aware I am not perfect but I can sleep at nights without worry about what I do during the day. I wish good upon others and I consider myself to be compassionate. I do believe in a creator and I am eternally grateful for all that I have and am!


Samara: Where can your new fans find your music?

Vermex: Thanks again Samara Riviera, yes they can find me Vermex Van Croix on itunes, Spotify, and Google Music.