Page 25 - Adelante June 2020
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screen films. Navarro is looking into which theaters are confident enough to reserve screenings for August.The other issue the Executive Director faces will be which venues are going to have the ability to provide the type of social distancing that will probably still be required at some length. And psychologically, what will the public be willing to experience by the end of August? Just because the theatres open, doesn’t mean people will flock to them.At the top of the planning pyramid is streaming films into people’s homes with platforms like Youtube, Tribeca, and Amazon. “We’re also currently looking at a partnership with Vimeo to launch our own multi- faceted channel,” states Navarro.Opening and closing night of the festival could also look very different, Navarro admits, with a hybrid between a live party and an at home party option with packages provided by Outfest. Navarro wants Outfest moviegoers to celebrate the end of the lockdown with whatever they feel most comfortable doing. To achieve that goal, Navarro wants to have a strong, much more advanced digital version of his festival so people can download a packet or curate their own version of the festival.“I want to make the films as accessible to as many community groups as possible, not just by streaming the films, but by downloading an Outfest gift packet of screeners. It’s about bringing people together to watch incredible content.”

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