Bombón Sexy February 2024

Height/weight: 5’10 145
From: Denver, Colorado

Hobbies: Sean loves working out and staying productive in producing music in Denver. He is a local rnb artist and does lots of shows in Denver.

Favorite foods: Hist favorite foods are his pastas, especially his Fettuccine Alfredo’s. And his seafood broils!

Favorite things to do: “I love going out and enjoying myself in the city! I love performing at local stages such as the Roxy and Stampede. Check out my music and rock with me.”

Favorite Music: “Love my rock vibes with lil Uzi and my dance vibes, love Reggaeton.

Future Goals: To become a known music artist from Denver COLORADO, and to “spread my good vibes all and throughout the nation.”

You can view Sean’s music on all music platforms. His Instagram is rodarte_10 and this is where you can check out all his releases and announcements of his dropping music. You can also look him up and follow him there. Look him up by: Seanny S. Tone.

Quotes: “Do it all, haha! It’s that ima local model here in Denver and am always doing work. And the icing on the top is being a part of the Cisco brand. It’s more than just the fabric, it’s a life style and to be a part of it makes me feel like a boss.

Description of item:
Sean is wearing the YOCISCO Bamboo ISO Brief from the new Red Collection now available at