By: Daniel P’Lopez

Photos by: Francisco Lopez
Jaime Adrian is a rising star, bursting with natural talent and charisma. Born into a Mexican American family in the bustling city of Chicago, he spent his formative years there before moving away at the age of thirteen. At sixteen, Jaime came out and was introduced to the vibrant queer community in Chicago, opening his eyes to a whole new world.

From a young age, Jaime had a passion for music and performance. He dabbled in theater and choir, but it was his grandfather who truly inspired him. A skilled opera singer, his grandfather would fill their home with music of all kinds, exposing Jaime to a diverse range of genres and styles.

As a teenager, Jaime’s first obsession was with the Spice Girls. But it wasn’t until he auditioned for American Idol twenty-two times that he realized his true calling. However, even after experiencing multiple rejections, Jaime admits he wasn’t fully prepared for what lay ahead.

Despite his success as a musician, Jaime never takes himself too seriously. He loves to be goofy and make people laugh, using humor as a way to not take life too seriously. But behind his carefree demeanor lies hard work and dedication – something that Jaime knows all too well about.

In fact, in order to boost his confidence, Jaime lost over fifty pounds in just seven months. It was this transformation that gave him the courage to pursue his dreams further.

Not only does Jaime possess an incredible voice and stage presence, but he also has a knack for songwriting. Eleven songs on his album were written by himself, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Jaime dreams of collaborating with big names like Britney Spears and Little Vix – artists who inspire him and push him towards excellence. He believes in constantly moving forward and taking every opportunity that comes his way – a mindset that has served him well in his twenty-year career.

With six successful singles already released, including last month’s hit “If You Could Read My Mind,” Jaime’s new album “No Agenda” is now available on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and iTunes. The album features a diverse range of sounds and styles – from Latin tracks to house, euro pop, and even country. Each song is a unique reflection of Jaime’s musical journey, making it a must-listen for music lovers everywhere.

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