By: Bryan Herb – Zoomvacations

As a seasoned traveler, I can confidently say that my most unforgettable trips have been with my fellow gay travelers. While there are exceptions and I am certainly generalizing, there’s just something about traveling with gay people that makes the experience so much more enjoyable and memorable. Here are just a few reasons I believe this to be true:

1. LGBTQ+ people have an innate sense of adventure. We are often more willing to try new things and take risks compared to other people. This willingness to step outside our comfort zone can lead to some of the most exciting and unique travel experiences that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

2. LGBTQ+ people are notoriously social creatures, which makes us ideal travel companions. Generally speaking, we love making new friends, striking up conversations with strangers, and we are not afraid to create great relationships on the go. This natural friendliness and open-mindedness makes it easy for others to join in with the fun and meet new people.

3. LGBTQ+ people are generally more accepting and inclusive of people from all walks of life, which makes traveling with us a welcoming and comfortable experience. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know how important it is to feel seen and heard, and traveling with like-minded individuals can provide that sense of belonging and connection.

4. LGBTQ+ people have an impeccable sense of style. From the way many of us dress to the way we decorate our Airbnb homes or hotel rooms, everything we touch seems to have a touch of flair. Gay people often have an eye for aesthetics that can elevate the travel experience. Whether it’s striking a pose for a photo op or scouting out the trendiest cafes, bars, or restaurants, you’ll never be bored or lost for inspiration with a gay person as your travel buddy.5. LGBTQ+ people bring a unique perspective to the trip. Gay people have a unique perspective on life and can provide a wealth of knowledge about the destinations we are visiting. We know all the hidden gems and local hotspots that might be off the beaten path. By bringing a unique perspective, gay travelers can help enrich the travel experience for everyone involved.

6. LGBTQ+ people know how to have a good time. Known for being lively, outgoing, and always up for a good party. our enthusiasm and energy can be contagious, and we know how to turn anything into a good time.

7. LGBTQ+ people are great storytellers. Typically, gay people have a knack for storytelling. Whether they are sharing tales about our travels or hometowns, these stories can be fascinating, comical, or captivating. We know how to entertain our audience, and we are actively engaged with others.

8. LGBTQ+ people are empathetic – Having experienced discrimination and marginalization in society, many gay people develop a heightened sense of empathy and compassion towards others. And a good dose of empathy and compassion can really help with our patience levels while dealing with less experienced or moody fellow travelers.

9. LGBTQ+ people are pretty damn funny. I have been on straight trips, and I have been on gay trips, and the amount of sheer laughter on the gay trips I have led is unparalleled. On my last Zoom Vacations tour to Peru, everyone in our gay group (plus one straight woman) agreed that none of us had laughed that hard for a solid week in our whole lives.

10. LGBTQ+ people often have great social skills – Being a part of the gay community often means having to navigate tricky social spaces and events, which can lead to exceptional social skills. These skills can become invaluable

I believe every traveler, regardless of sexual orientation, can learn a lot from traveling with their gay friends. They bring a sense of adventure, inclusivity, and style to the table that can make for some of the most extraordinary travel experiences and memories.

I do have to point out that LGBTQ and straight people traveling together (where everyone is accepting of each other) is also an incredible mix. It’s almost as if those who are more accepting of others all seem to carry some of the same qualities because everyone is so comfortable and feels so free together. Feeling free to be yourself is an essential part of the vacation experience.

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