2012: End Of Times or Recycling Of The Earth?

Well people here I am writing about something that no doubt has either been on your mind or has been the topic of conversation at one point or another. Now mind you, I am no expert on the subject but I want to throw my two cents in because I know enough to have an informed opinion on this controversial subject matter. Yes I’m talking about the year 2012 and the so-called ‘end times’. While the end of the world has been predicted by our ancestors, the Mayans, through their calendar and by many others; how do we know that it is something that will happen? I don’t think anyone can predict the end of the world. It is supposed, that it will just ‘happen’ when no one is expecting it, if it is really to happen at all.

There are many theories, predictions, and prophecies that have been advanced, so which one are we to believe? They all have the same ultimate ending; literally, but how or why we get to the end is the question. First off, there’s the religious point of view. In the end times, according to the book of Revelations, it is predicted there will be war, hunger, and many natural disasters. We have had many of those already and we still have yet to see what else may come our way. Earthquakes like the ones in Haiti and Chile have devastated those countries and it is predicted that one will hit Los Angeles in August or September. We’ve had wildfires and floods and environmental disasters like the BP oil spill that has had a damaging effect on the sensitive eco-systems that man is trying to protect. The Revelations attempts to give us a preview of the things to come, until the end when God will return to save us all.

Another theory I’ve researched is called ‘The Illuminati’. This secret society is comprised of world leaders in politics as well as religious heads.

The Illuminati’s ultimate goal is to rule the world for Satan. OK, I know I sound a little like a crazy lady… For the sake of argument; let’s say they do exist and are trying to rule the world for satanic purposes. Well what better way to gain support than to create political problems only to solve them later on, so that in the end they seem like the hero and everyone believes and begins to support them. In the limited space that I have to explain their intentions, this may seem like a ‘watered-down’ version, but if you do your own research online I know that you will be fascinated by the sheer volume of information that is available about them and you might find that you will be convinced too. I don’t think The Illuminati can create natural disasters but they create other problems that are more man-made. In politics, foreign relations and in world affairs they can create famine and disease all over the world. The Illuminati are aware of the earth’s natural changes taking place in 2012, and may use then to capitalize and consolidate their power base and take over the world in the creation of The New World Order which is one world government and religion.

Finally, the last theory I want to discuss is the much simpler one that says the earth is simply ready to recycle itself. Just like the ice age ended, the cavemen and dinosaurs disappeared, so may we. It’s time for the earth to recycle itself naturally. The earth has its natural shifts that it goes through every so many thousand years. It especially needs it now with all this harm we are doing to it with all the pollution, etc… It needs to cleanse itself and we just happen to be living in a time when it’s supposed to happen. The earth’s natural cycles are not affected by man’s needs, so although many people may die as a result of this natural ‘recycling’ process it is inevitable. The earth just does what it must to stay in balance and it does it naturally.

OK, so now that you think I’m a crazy lunatic let me quit while I’m ahead. Please address all hate mail care of LOL! But seriously you guys I am only putting information out there that I have researched and found to be not only interesting, and logical to me, but facts that are out there and are verifiable. Though I’ve merely ‘scratched the surface’ there are many books out there already that you are free to research on-line. You read all the articles, you watch all the videos on YouTube, and you read any book out there on the subject. Don’t let this crazy loca tell you. If you don’t believe any of it, then go ahead merrily about your life and ignore me and all the others. For those who have a little voice that tells them to research, go ahead. Take one slow day/night you have and research it because what you will find is that everything they told us is not exactly the truth.

By: Samara Riviera •