A Chico's Angel-ween

Chico’s Angels are back and are being sent to prison! REALLY??? No it’s just a part of their cover in their upcoming stage show, #3: Chicas In Chains which will run six weeks at the Cavern Club Theater inside Casita Del Campo Restaurant in Silverlake, CA. The Angels took sometime out of there busy crime fighting schedule to grace our October cover and give us the 911 about their new show, plans for Halloween and the men in their lives!

Photo By: Mike Pingel

You all are back! What’s the new show, Chico’s in Chains all about?
Kay: This is the juan, where we go under the covers as high school hookers. Somejuan has been murdering hookers on the street. And a High school student witness it. the angels have to go under undercover as high school students to find out who she is.
Fredia: Jes, we back where we belonging! this tine we hab to go under the covers en a high school to find the someone who witness a murder!
Chita: Yeah, this is a tough one for me, because high school was not a good time for me… you know ’cause the other girls were yelous of me & stuff.

What’s your favorite part of the show?
Kay: My favorite part of the show is every time I’m on stage. And Chita’s not.
Fredia: My favorite part of the cho is when the hot guy take off his chirt!
Chita: I like when I get to distract everyone with my singing and dancing skills. They don’t know what or who hit them!

Is there a new HOTTIE?
Kay: JEEEESSSSS!!!! His name is Sean Kushner, the moment he walked in the door to audition I knew he was the one that was gonna be for the rest of my life. And oh yeah…and he’s in the show
Fredia: Oh, jes! The dreamy Sean Kushner. He have a kooshy tushy!
Chita: Jes, there is a new hottie playing Peter Rison. He is Sean Kushner, and he is good to know.

Since you are Chico’s Angles which of Charlie’s Angels best represents you?
Kay: I would have to say Jaclyn Smith I think her and I carry a simple grace and elegance that many people can’t seem to capture, and we both have fabulous hair.. Chita is like Sabrina, don’t let her tell you any different.
Fredia: I think, for me, it la Jill Monroe because we both pretty and very “friendly” but most because of the hair.
Chita: Which was was the prettiest, smart, kick ass one? that would be mine’s.

Has any of the Charlie’s Angels ever seen the show?
Kay: JESSS! Tanya Roberts! She came and graced us with her angel presence and I think she like the show. I hope we get the rest of the Angels there and I think Farrah watches over us every night.
Fredia: Jes!! La Tanya Roberts come! Che real nice and pretty and che Cheena, Queen of the Yungle!! Che had a monkey sit on my head!
Chita: oh, yes! Julie Rogers come to see us! She liked me the best because we both are the tough ones. And sexiest & stuff.

It’s Halloween Month, how are Chico’s Angels going to celebrate it?
Kay: By going out to Santa Monica Blvd and making fun at all the amateurs.
Fredia: Fighting the crime, how else?
Chita: Well, I’m gonna dress up, but not Kay or Frieda, they don’t need no masks!! Right?

What do plan to wear or be on Halloween?
Kay: As little as possible and something that accentuates my chi chi’s.
Fredia: I want to dress up like someone who help a lot of peoples so this year I gonna dress like the nurse, Florencw Nightlysale.
Chita: I’m gonna be a sexy cat. Or a sexy pirate girl. Or a sexy zombie…

What is your favorite Halloween candy to get?
Kay: Hot tamales, need I say more?
Freida: Whatevers, as long as it sticky!
Chtia: Bit-o-hiney.

What was the scariest Halloween story you can share?
Kay: The scariest Halloween was the one I was going to a Halloween party with Chita. Chita walked out of the house and I started screaming at her to take that mask off because it’s so scary, and Chita said she was not wearing a mask and I sad “oh.” There you go.
Fredia: One tine this man tell me to wear a giant pink bunny outfit for fifty dollars and I say okay and then he take me to this room where they make me crush bananas en the toes of the bunny suit. The scary part was it was fifty dollars in Canadian money! I was scare I wouldn’t be able to spend it.
Chita: One time, en Halloween, Kay went trick or treating with me & Frieda. THAT was scary- especially for the little kids, ’cause they’re yiung & stuff, you know?

Loved watching Gang of Chicas on your website! Will there be any new online videos coming?
Kay: We have one more 24’ish which will be released consecutively with the show. I don’t know what consecutively means but yes, 24ish. We want to make more and everyone can check out Kickstarter and donate a dollar or so. Check out our website at for more on that. If we don’t raise more money we’ll going to have to send Frieda out for more tricks. ..and treats!
Fredia: Oh, jes! We need to raising some monies, then we gonna make more (No Canadian monies, please)
Chita: Yeah, if we can make the money, we’ll do more.

Wow, Angels you have over 3,000+ Facebook friends! That must mean a very busy social schedule.
Kay: OK, I’m out there every day sharing the Chico’s Angles love at Tupperware parties from Orange County to Escondido to Pomona and even parts of India. An to them in India, I like to say “Namaste”. …no really… nom a stay right here.
Fredia: I know!! Most of my day is filled wiching “Happy Birthdays”, Saying “mayvbe” to all the club events and getting pinche cows out of peoples’ roads en Farmville!
Chita: Right? I’m glad I can do most of it on-line!

Many readers want to know if any of Chico’s Angels are single.
Kay: Currently I’m not, I fell in love yesterday. When that relationship fell apart yesterday, Then I fell in love again today with Mr. Right. I love love.
Fredia: Jes. Very! and I take singles, too!
Chita: Yeah. I’m just real picky, you know?

But I did hear a rumor that one of Chico’s Angels is dating a Hollywood star. Is this true?
Kay: It is true but Jake Gyllenhaal told me not to say anything, so don’t tell no one. because he wants to keep our love pure and away from media scrutiny. Last thing I need is the media showing up at my doorstep. Cause then I would have to say, I have a life to live. No more pictures please
Fredia: Charlie Cheen pay, so I don’t know if ju can call it “dating”.
Chita: He told me to say it’s not true, and his publicist say I should avoid answering. Isn’t that Prop 8 crazy & stuff?

Who would be your Hollywood dream date?
Kay: I told you Jake Gyllenhaal but he told me not to tell you.
Fredia: Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Gerard Butler, Channing Tatum, Chris Evans and Cantinflas (2 at a time) (It’s my dream!)
Chita: Uhm, he said I should say him, but not to say his name… Isn’t that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell crazy & Stuff?

You ladies were out and about at many Gay Prides this summer. How was your experience?
Kay: I love the gays. They are so nice and they know how to dress really well, actually they didn’t have any cloths on, so they are really REALLY nice.
Fredia: Well, the guys are hotter, but less interested, but still tip great!
Chita: It was nice, but there were a lot of guys dressed like me. Weird, huh?

Where can you fans meet Chico’s Angels, do you have a favorite hang out?
Kay: They can always meet us up stares of the Casita Del Campo restaurant for a little meet and greet after the show. They can touch us, feels us and rub us.
Fredia: ju can find me either at Santa Monica & Orange or the alley behind Pet Co or Hugo’s in West Hollywood.
Chita: I don’t go out too much, but there’s a real nice taco stand on Tujunga.

If a fan wanted to buy you a gift for opening night, what would you want?
Kay: Anything shiney. Because shiney is my favorite color
Fredia: Something I could put en my mouth.
Chita: anything leather.

Any final heavenly words for our readers?
Kay: If you can please stop undressing me with your eyes. I would really appreciate it; I’m more than a piece of meat and a big set of chi chi’s. Cause under those big chi chi’s is a really really really giving heart.
Fredia: Don’t peek!! The band-aid is there for a reasons!
Chita: Please come see our cho. Enyoy a drink & relax, but don’t get so drunk we have to kick your butt!

Chico’s Angels: #3 Chicas in Chains runs from Sept 30th – November 7th, 2010. Shows are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at the Cavern Club Theater inside Casita Del Campo Restaurant in Silverlake, CA for more info and tickets go to

By: Mike Pingel