By: Daniel P’Lopez

I don’t usually review, let alone read children’s books, but this is one story, in particular, that grabbed my attention. A costume for Charly written by C.K Malone and illustrated by Alejandra Barajas, takes on a twenty-first century approach on a new children’s story about a topic that is more accepted in society.

Charly is a non-binary child of color who wants the perfect costume for Halloween. They don’t identify as a boy nor as a girl, They identify as both, so Charly wants to have a costume that embraces both sexes. So, Charly digs through their old costume chest and searches for the perfect costume. And does that in a feminine and masculine created approach.

The story is rather simple, sweet and short, you could read the entire book to your child in just a few minutes. The illustrations by Alejandra are done as if reading a cartoon, very vivid and enjoyable to watch. If I had kids I would read them this story, even if they didn’t identify as non-binary. Teaching kids that we are all different in many different ways and showing them not to hate or judge anyone that is different than themselves is what parents should do.

Times have so changed since my generation growing up as a kid in the eighties, just the word gay was taboo, not accepted, looked down upon and ridiculed. But in this time and age, the new generations are so different and more accepting of people who are different, especially for the LGBTQ communities.

Of course, they can thank the generations before them who fought, and died for these new changes. Kids these days have more acceptance of who they are and how they feel. C.K Malone did a fantastic job telling a story of a kid who feels as both sexes and this story explains their struggle in a relatable way in this friendly Halloween story for all.

It is cute, entertaining and well done for any kid who loves storytelling and who identifies like Charly. Nowadays, many LGBTQ couples have and are having kids of their own, so this story is a way to not only educate but to explain the many differences in all of us, especially for kids like Charly.

A Costume for Charly is available as E-book and as hardcopy through Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com