Adelante Recommends

By: Al B.

Independent Lens
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Sister Úna Feeney spent her life eschewing stereotypes. Cursing like a sailor, smoking Camels, and wearing plaid flannels like a uniform, the raconteur was a rule-breaker and feminist long before it was cool. Her unique approach to dying included planning her own funeral (with karaoke), hosting a funeral planning workshop for Sisters and friends to consider their last wishes, and making the most of her last days as she attempted to live for the birth of her beloved niece Sarah’s first child. A former youth minister, Úna used her death as her final teaching moment.

Well Go USA
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Faith (Chrissy Metz) keeps her troubled teenage daughter (Annalise Basso) on a tightly controlled regimen of experimental drugs, their only means of fending off a mysterious, terrifying affliction. But after two burglars attempt to rob the home on Christmas, they stumble upon a long-kept family secret—with monstrous consequences.

Omnibus Entertainment
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The Paris strip club À mon seul désir (My Sole Desire) is home to a mesmerizing troupe of seductive female performers. Like a moth to a flame, newcomer Manon is drawn to their sensual allure and adopts the stage name Aurore. Among her fellow dancers is Mia, an aspiring actress who moonlights at the club unbeknownst to her live-in boyfriend. From identifying which clients she should avoid to booking private dances, Mia serves as a trusted guide on Manon’s erotic journey.

Well Go USA
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After his devastatingly fast, samurai-style combat approach sets filmmakers against him, a legendary action star films his own movie on turf claimed by feuding yakuza gangs, including Japan’s deadliest martial arts assassin.

IndiePix Films
Available on DVD/Digital March 5
Ten-year-old Moja lives with her grief-stricken Slovenian father, Milos and pregnant twenty-year-old sister, Vesna in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Unable to accept the reality of her mother’s sudden passing, Moja instead focuses on preparing for the baby while Vesna struggles to take responsibility as an expecting parent. Despite the growing strain in their relationship, Moja pushes on, hoping in vain that Vesna will eventually fill the “mother-shaped hole” in her life. It is not until Moja meets and befriends Miranda and her quirky daughter Danger that she begins to realize that brighter days lay ahead.

Film Movement
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Two African-American teenage brothers suddenly find themselves on their own after being mysteriously abandoned by their parents. Deeply haunted by the mental and physical abuse inflicted by their father elder brother Daniel is determined to keep their lives from falling apart. He maintains a daily routine, works as a dishwasher and does his best to keep a roof over their heads. Younger brother Eli struggles to cope with the absence of his mother, leaving her voicemail messages in search of answers. Embarking on a journey of survival and self-discovery, they uncover moments of beauty, newfound meaning and enduring love that strengthen their bond despite the uncertain road ahead.

Dark Star Pictures
In Theaters March 1 and VOD March 12th
Franky, a 23-year-old Franky nurse, lives with her large family in an East London borough. Obsessed with a thirst for revenge and a need to assign blame and guilt for a traumatic fire that happened 15 years ago, she is unable to build any meaningful relationship until she falls in love with one of her patients – Florence. They escape to the coast where Florence lives with her more open-minded patchwork family. There, Franky finds the emotional shelter to deal with the grudges and scars of the past.

Well Go USA
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Seven years after Korea’s first fully manned mission to the moon ends in disaster, a second human spaceflight is launched successfully—until a strong solar wind causes the spacecraft to malfunction. With an astronaut left stranded in space and quickly running out of oxygen, the Naro Space Center turns to its former managing director to avert yet another fatal catastrophe.

Rotting Press
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Loveland, Ohio. Home of the Frogman. In the summer of 1999, a 12-year-old named Dallas Kyle captured footage of the mythical creature, but no one believed it was real. Twenty years later, Dallas, now an amateur filmmaker struggling to turn his passion into a career, returns to Loveland with friends Amy and Scotty determined to obtain irrefutable proof that the Frogman exists. But what starts as an innocent documentary soon turns into a Lovecraftian nightmare as Dallas uncovers the horrific secrets hidden beneath Loveland’s idyllic surface.

Film Movement
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On a hot summer morning, a crew of workers arrive at a fig orchard in northwest Tunisia. Through sun-drenched leaves, the youngest of the women steal precious moments of respite away from the foreman’s watchful gaze. Meanwhile, the elders, tasked with the careful job of packing the tender fruit, watch them and reminisce. They joke, argue, gossip and flirt, all the while painting an unhurried but riveting portrait of everyday life, in which class and circumstance do not allow for personal freedoms but where sisterhood serves as a transformative act of resistance.