Dark Sky Films
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In this satirical political slasher from the Bloomquist Brothers, a small town is shaken by a series of ominous killings in the days leading up to a heated mayoral election. As accusations fly and the threat of a masked killer darkens every street corner, the residents must race to uncover the truth before fear consumes the town.

Capelight Pictures
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Children of and impoverished woodcutter Hansel and Gretel get lost in the forest after birds have eaten the trail of breadcrumbs that was supposed to show them the way back home. They arrive at a strange house made entirely of ginger bread. The resident turns out to be a malicious witch who is extremely excited to fatten Hansel up so she can then put him on her menu.

Film Movement
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Having rejected a marriage proposal and now facing limited options after graduation, Indonesian high-school student Yuni finds herself having to define her desires within a society attempting to prescribe her fate. Navigating her burgeoning sexuality and educational prospects while coming to terms with the rigid gender politics with which they collide, Yuni observes her peers and the women around her as they reject or give in to the expectations made of them and the consequences their decisions carry.

LeoLine Studios
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By unanticipated turns of fate, a group of strangers each at a crossroads in their lives share a quaint Scottish farmhouse in Creagan. It’s a village dependent on both the financial future of the generous and formidable Countess Lucinda Rhives’ ultimate decision to close down the only means of income for the people of Creagan. As the winter solstice approaches, cherished new friendships and loving relationships are forged. As the darkness of winter promises to pass into a new and illuminating spring, the healing power of love, patience, and forgiveness will change the ways even the most cynical of them view the past, the present, and the future.

Cohen Media Group
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Shot and set in Belfast, Uberto Pasolini’s family drama follows a single father on a heartbreaking journey to find a new home for his young son. When window cleaner John (James Norton) is given only a few months left to live, he is determined to find a stable and loving home for 4-year-old Michael (Daniel Lamont). As John struggles to find a “perfect” situation, he accepts the help of a young social worker and opens himself to wider-ranging alternatives, coming to terms with his own impinging mortality. Along the way, he grows to trust the bond between him and his son while making the biggest decision of their lives.

Capelight Pictures
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Seven years after The Roundup in Vietnam, Detective Ma Seok-do joins a new squad where the investigates a murder case that leads to a much larger investigation: an illegal drug trafficking operation run by the Japanese Yakuza. However, Drug Enforcement Captain Joo doesn’t like that Detective Ma and his squad are encroaching upon his jurisdiction. When Yakuza boss Ichizo senses his business in in danger, he sends hitman Ricky and his gang to South Korea to bring about order.

Capelight Pictures
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Frankie Paige has absolutely no faith in God. All of that changes when she suddenly begins to suffer the Stigmata – the living wounds of the crucified Christ. Frankie’s miraculous bleeding comes to the attention of the Vatican’s top investigator, Father Kiernan. But the Cardinal Houseman, discovers that Frankie is actually channeling and extraordinary and provocative message that could destroy the church, he’s convinced that she, and the force possessing her, must be forever silenced. Determined to stop this deadly conspiracy, Kiernan risks his faith and his life to save her and the message that will change the destiny of mankind forever.

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A female university student is savagely murdered. Her head, torso and limbs are found discarded in various dumpsters around Vienna. There is no apparent motive for the crime. Christian is a quiet young man studying law who works part time at the concession counter of a nearby movie theater. Alex is an image-conscious aspiring boxer and rapper who just returned from the military. Either could have committed this grisly act of rage and violence, but which one is responsible?

Well Go USA @WellGoUSA
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After serving prison time for killing his opponent during a match, a former boxer returns home intending to forget his dark past but is quickly entangled in a bloody feud between an old friend, a corrupt cop, and a dangerous drug smuggler.

Alex, is a 20-something-year-old who begrudgingly moves back to his childhood home in Miami from New York after a breakup. Blinded by his optimism of returning to Ney York after the Summer, Alex underestimates the inevitable hurricane that is adulthood. As his Miami life takes its turns, Alex documents his version of rock bottom with an old camcorder found in his bedroom-turned-storage closet. Looking for an escape, he soon finds comfort in Chris, a random hookup, who shows him what a life in Miami might have to offer. Blinded by optimism and lust, the reality of adulthood comes flooding in, forcing him to begin to grow up.

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In this horror-thriller, a shaman instructs Mila to return a mystical bracelet, the Kawaturih, to the “Dancing Village,” a remote site on the easternmost tip of Java Island. Joined by her cousin, Yuda, and his friends Jito and Arya, Mila arrives on the island only to discover that the village elder has passed away, and that the new guardian, Mbah Buyut, isn’t present. Various strange and eerie events occur while awaiting Mbah Buyut’s return, including Mila being visited by Badarawuhi, a mysterious, mythical being who rules the village. When she decides to return the Kawaturih without the help of Mgah Buyut, Mila threatens the village’s safety, and she must join a ritual to select the new “Dawuh,” a cursed soul forced to dance for the rest of her life.