By: Al Ballesteros

Adelante Magazine celebrates 25 years of publishing this month. This is a significant milestone and we believe Adelante is the longest-running LGBTQ bilingual Spanish and English monthly magazine in the United States. We are very thankful to our readers, writers, models, artists, photographers, advertisers and other supporters who have helped make this happen.

In May 1998, a group of volunteers (Pepe Torres, Enrique Romero and Al Ballesteros) started Adelante to create a gay community magazine that would provide AIDS education to the gay, bi Latino community. Twenty-five years ago, information about the HIV epidemic including places to get tested and those providing free or low-cost treatment in Latino communities was not adequately covered in the LGBTQ media. The general mainstream media were not an option to reach the community. A major gap existed in information to the community.

The name Adelante was chosen because it means “progress.” Adelante Magazine exists to contribute to the progress of the LGBTQ Latino community. Every month the magazine has been distributed free to the community and made possible by advertisers and volunteer writers. As Adelante published monthly issues it quickly added additional areas of interest suggested by the community, writers and readers. Community events, general news, politics, celebrity, interviews and artists reviews became regulars.

Over these last 25 years, we believe we have stayed true to our original goals to educate the community about HIV. In every issue produced, Adelante has provided HIV and AIDS information aimed at prevention, testing, care and treatment.

We are thankful to our long-term writers and contributors: Our resident DJ and Music Reviewer, DJ Rubín has been writing his column for almost all 25 years. DJ Rubin has kept us up-to-date with the music scene with the Top 20 Chart just about since the beginning.

Dr. Daniel Pearce, DO has been writing the Ask the Doctor section with information about physical, mental health and whole person care for more than 20 years. Thank you Dr. Pearce for caring about the community’s health and bringing important information forward in every single issue. Dr. Pearce’s coverage was also very critical during the recent Covid-19 pandemic and the Monkeypox outbreak in 2022.

Immigration Attorney Ally Bolour, ESQ has written a monthly column for more than 22 years. This column provides vital education on immigration matters of importance to our community. We have learned a lot about the unfortunate situations affecting LGBTQ people in countries which have very bad laws. We have received feedback over the years with respect to how this information has reassured and guided readers in navigating the complex immigration system.

Hector “Gipsy” Rodriguez has produced a music and entertainment column and has, at times served as a spokesperson for the magazine. Gipsy appeared on several national television shows promoting the work of Adelante and speaking to the issues of the gay Latino community. Gipsy has worked with Adelante for more than 20 years.

Carlos Manuel aka “MaryKhon” is another long-term writer, crafting some very cleaver and entertaining columns which have been a favorite of readers for more than 20 years.
Joe Castel has written feature stories for more than 20 years. Joe attends community screenings and has covered events and people and also produces documentaries.

Scott Smith, Sandra Wells and now with Christian Smith have been writing one of our Travel Columns for more than 15 years. They find amazing places to visit in our local community and beyond. Many readers have shared they have visited places in Los Angeles and Southern California because of their feature stories they read in Adelante.

Jorge Diaz, MSW writes an amazing section covering areas of mental health, wellbeing, cultural and social insights specific to the LGBTQ Latino community. For nearly eight years, Jorge’s perspectives are always educational and enlightening.

Bryan Herb also writes a Travel Column, mostly from places far away and provides advice for the visit and tips for getting the most from the trip along with wonderful pictures.

Others have provided important contributions to the magazine including Francisco Dueñas who regularly produced information on Immigration and Tenant rights important to many of our readers. Daniel P. Lopez has been a columnist for nearly 15 years covering mostly celebrities and doing interesting book reviews. Daniel is also a writer with several books published and available in bookstores and on the Internet. Victoria Ruiz’s coverage of the Transgender community filled an important gap with our readers and our transgender readers.

Edmundo Rodriguez, Joey Amato, Mostro Vacci, Joey Krebs, Joe De Hoyos are recent collaborators to our volunteer magazine team and much appreciated by our readers.

We have also lost writers and members of the Adelante family along the way. Most recently, we lost Octavio Pozos who had written Adelante’s monthly fitness/work out columns for nearly 20 years. When he became ill and went to the emergency room, he asked his partner to let us know that has column would be late for that month. Unfortunately, that column never came and we lost the great Octavio Pozos.

Early on we lost the wonderful Oscar Reconco, a long-time community advocate and master of spirituality. Oscar wrote a regular column for Adelante right up until the day he passed away. So did Kellie Haadvedt, aka Maria Etta Anabel. Kellie wrote a self-help column about Energy Therapy. Antonio Yepes, one of our original graphic artists also passed away. We miss them all and we thank them for their contributions.

The Adelante covers are some of the best among all gay magazines. We have had great models to work with and very talented photographers. A shout-out to the more than 300 cover models. We have had the privilege to work with talented photographers including Lorenzo Gomez, Jose Aguilar, Gil Evan, Joseph Leon and Paul Culver that produced the majority of the photo shoots of the models.

There are the “behind the scenes” operations people that have kept the publication moving forward. Alberto Orozco had been with the publication for many years and recently changed careers. Christopher Jackson continues to provide distribution services across our region of our print edition. Ran Refael has upgraded our on-line presence and website and now thousands read the magazine from around the United States and World.

Perhaps the biggest thank you goes out to our Editor Pepe Torres who has put together every issue for the last 25 years. Pepe deserves recognition for a great publication. It has been his love for the magazine and dedication to the importance of a bilingual publication for the LGBTQ community that has made Adelante a success.

Finally, this magazine would not exist without you, its readers. Thank you for picking up the publication monthly or reading it on line at

As we move past this important milestone, it is our hope to continue producing a high-quality regular publication that meets the needs of our community. The publication is different today with a substantial number of people reading content on line and via electronic delivery. We anticipate moving more into on-line media distribution as a means to reach more people. We also hope to expand past Southern California, primarily and into other parts of the United States and around the world. If you can help contribute to this goal of ours, please contact us at

Thank you to everyone involved in supporting Adelante. It could not have been done without you. We hope we captured everyone involved or supporting the magazine over the last 25 years.

Adrián Aguilar, Writer
José Aguilar, Photographer
Martín Alatorre, Writer, Sales
Ernie Alderete, Writer
Dave Anderson, Photograher, Distribution
Jorge Amaro, Writer
Joey Amato, Writer
Michael Amodeo, Distribution
Gabriel Aranda, Writer
Raúl Arce, Writer
Zamná Ávila, Writer
Jamie Awad, Club Papi
Al Ballesteros, Founder, Publisher, Writer
Larry Ballesteros, Distribution
Adriana Batista, Writer
Jesse Barrón, Writer/Sales
Ally Bolour, Writer
David Cano, Writer
John Caldera, Writer
Susan Caldwell, ESQ
Joseph Castel, Writer
Marcio Cochella, Writer
Paul Culver, Photographer
Jon Davidson, Writer
Joe De Hoyos, Writer
Jorge Diaz, MSW, Writer
DJ Rubín
DJ Eclipse
Antonio Escalante, Writer
Todd Evans, Rivendell Media
Frank Flores, Photographer
Gipsy, Writer
Bernadette García/Nicky, Distribution
Dr. Frank Galván, Writer
Joseph García, Writer
Roberto Garay, Writer, Photographer
Damián Goldvarg, Ph.D., Writer
George Gómez, Sales
Lorenzo Gómez, Photographer
Anthony AJ Gonzalez
Vanessa González, Writer
Mitch Grobeson, Writer
Fernando Gutiérrez, Writer
José Gutiérrez, Writer
Kelly Haatvedt, Writer (RIP)
Bryan Herb, Writer
Johnny Hernández, Photographer, Writer
Lorenzo Herrera, Writer
Darryl Hicks, Webmaster
Wayne Hisey (RIP)
Christopher Jackson, Distribution
Jason Jones, Graphic Artist
Dr. Scott Kim, MD, Writer
Joseph “Joey” Krebs, Writer, Photographer
Carlos Landin, Distribution
Daniel P. López, Writer
Oded Levy, Photographer
Joseph León, Photographer
Jim Mangia
Carlos Manuel, Writer
Victor Martínez, Writer
José Medina, Writer/Photographer
Celso Mendoza, Distribution
Anthony Mills, MD, Men’s Health Foundation
Miguel Moller, Photographer
Hernán Molina, Writer
Laura Moreno, Staff Writer
Alberto Orozco, Writer, Office Manager
Dr. Daniel Pearce, DO, Writer
Cameron Pitts, Graphic Artist
Art Porter, Pool Party Host
Octavio Pozos, Writer (RIP)
Tone Puente, Distribution
Oscar Reconco, Writer (RIP)
Ray Torrez, Writer
Antonio Rael, Artist
Adriana Rebold, Graphic Artist
Isaac Reddick, Artist
Samara Rivera, Writer
Edmundo Rodríguez, Writer
E.M. Rodriguez, Writer
Hector “Gipsy” Rodriguez, Writer
Enrique Romero, Writer, Founder
Victoria Ruiz, Writer
Bamby Salcedo
Corinne Sanchez, ESQ.
Eddie Saucedo, Photographer
Sergio Sepúlveda, Writer
Hector Silva, Artist
Scott Smith, Writer
Christian Smith, Writer
Ricardo Solis, Graphic Artist
William Swearinger, Legal Counsel
Michael Swieger, Photographer
Mónica Taher, Writer
Conrado Terrazas, Writer, Sales
Joey Terrill, Writer, Aritist
Herbert Torrance, Photographer
Pepe Torres, Founder, Editor
Eduardo Ugalde, Writer, Artist
Mostro Vacci, Writer
Elena Valido, Writer
Sandra Wells, Writer
Antonio Yepez, Graphic Artist (RIP)

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