After her recent Transformation back to a man: Another Discussion with MOTHER DELICIOUS

Adelante: What’s been going on since the last time we talked?
Mother Delicious: Well, it’s been like a roller-coaster with lots of trials and tribulations.

Adelante: Such as?
Mother Delicious: The economy for one thing. I got laid off from a job I was at for the last 15 years because of the recession.

So there I was walking around trying to find a job looking like Mother Delicious, with my big hooters; people would just look at me funny. Like I was some “freak of the week”. People looked at me just as a transsexual and stereotyped me; like we’re all hookers and hustlers. I ended up living in my car for a while. I was down and out in Hollywood and decided that wasn’t working.

A friend offered to pay to have my big hooters removed. He suggested that it be better if I removed my tits because that might help me find a job and get back on my feet.

So I got in the car and went to Mexico and back to see my Hecho en Mexico Doctor. I plopped the money down and told him to cut my big tits out. Before too long, I was lying on a table in front the doctor feel good Anesthesiologist and within two hours, I was flat-chested, stitched up and driving back to LA.

Adelante: Wow, so it was just an outpatient procedure?
Mother Delicious: Yep. They had to cut the skin open, take the implants out and re-sewed my nipples on. When I got back to Los Angeles I went and cut my hair and completely turned back into a man.

Adelante: That’s a major change!
Mother Delicious: Yea, but I still have the implants. I keep them in a suitcase with a couple outfits and go-go boots and use them on Wednesdays or when I’m hired elsewhere.

Adelante: Then what?
Mother Delicious: Within two weeks I found a job.

Adelante: Wow, unfortunately that says a lot.
Mother Delicious: This shows you that there is a lot of prejudice. People serotype transsexuals in a terrible way. They weren’t looking at my qualification. They were looking at the 48 double “Ds” on my chest.

Adelante: What are you going to put on your census form?
Mother Delicious: I’m going to write confused gender on it!

Adelante: Are you still doing Mother Delicious?
Mother Delicious: Yes, at some clubs and for special events. I’m still trying to take care of my gay kids and youth. The economy is so bad and I’m living in a single apartment. I want to help gay youth, but frankly, I can’t even do that now. Anyone want to donate a home to Mother Delicious for a foster home, (lol)?

Adelante: Now that you are living life as a man, do you feel like a man or a woman?
Mother Delicious: I feel like a wreck. Like a plan which has crashed and is still trying to fly. Physically, I a woman (I guess); mentally, I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body and looking like a man.

Adelante: How do you feel?
Mother Delicious: Like a man without the plumbing. Anyone out there willing to donate a weenie to Mother Delicious, like 9 ½ or above? They have this vital organ donor designation on Driver’s licenses and isn’t a dick a vital organ?

Adelante: Is it?
Mother Delicious: Yes it’s a vital organ! If you’re a gay male and you do not have one, then that would be vital to your survival!

Adelante: What do you think about the issue with Paquita?
Mother Delicious: I think it was a mis-understanding. I think she is just blurted out shit and did not think about the consequences of what she was saying in the long run. Everyone says stupid things sometimes, especially old people. She’s up there in age and perhaps she talked off the top of her lip.

Adelante: How do you think she can fix this?
Mother Delicious: I think she needs to step up and do some one-on-one stuff with the gay community. Donate some of her time and money to gay causes. Perhaps donate a home to Mother Delicious and her children so they can be in a gay family environment.

Adelante Magazine: Any other projects?
Mother Delicious: I spend a lot time in Arizona doing different clubs there, like Carnival and Caramba.

Adelante Magazine: Anything else?
Mother Delicious: I’m helping to promote the new website. Promoting memberships and traveling around to all of the gay events and the community in support of this new website that has to do with dating. It’s really cool and is going to have all these functions that will let people know what is going on in all these areas and venues as they pertain to the gay community. It’s kind of moving towards a yahoo/adam4adam/myspace type website. It has a chat room and video chat, which is really cool and it has a button where you can change the langue from English to Spanish which is really cool too. You can upload pictures, as many as you want. And, I have a profile there so go check it out.