By: Joseph R. Castel

Everyone wants to know their future, and many people, even if it’s just for fun, turn to the horoscopes every day to see what’s in store for them. Most, however, have no clue on how astrology actually works, which makes this mystical art form such an alluring curiosity and keeps Susan Miller in constant orbit with 17 million readers from her Astrologyzone website. Having 11 best sellers on the subject, she’s also written for Vogue, InStyle and Elle. In August, Miller granted Adelante an interview in which she gave a brief overview about astrology, as well as making a prediction on when COVID will finally exit this planet.

Astrology has been practiced for more than 4,000 years, but there’s even earlier evidence that people attempted to predict seasonal changes by references to lunar cycles as long as 25,000 years ago. These cavemen markings were the first steps in recording the moon’s influence upon the tides.

Because these astronomical cycles are based on mathematics, ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, Hindus, and even Chinese planted their crops according to the stars. Astrology was considered a scholarly practice like astronomy, alchemy and medicine. Eventually, astrology evolved into the foretelling of divine messages for earthbound humans.

Roman emperors, pharaohs, kings and queens depended heavily on astrologers throughout the millenniums for guidance in warfare and political dominance. Even Hitler consulted a team of astrologers over his battle plans, however, one of these astrologers turned out to be a British spy. After President Ronald Regan’s 1981 assassination attempt, he never made a public appearance without First Lady Nancy Reagan checking in with Joan Quigley, a San Francisco astrologer. Quigley would draw up Reagan’s horoscope to make certain that the planets were in a favorable alignment for the President to appear in large crowds. And lets not forget the Wise Men from the East that were not so much Kings, but astrologers who found the Christ child in a manger after being guided by the Star of Bethlehem. In other words, astrology has played an important role throughout human history.

Unlike many astrologers, Miller does not use her own intuitiveness when giving advice. ‘I’m a certified, transparent, classically trained astrologer,” says Miller. What began as training from her mother, who was also an astrologer, led to her studying the subject for 12 years. “What I write on my website, you can look up in a book on astrology, I go by what the ancients wrote.” Miller explained that most people, however, would not know how to read those books correctly without extensive training.

One of the aspects that make astrology problematic or vague is that in order to get a more accurate reading of someone’s life, the astrologer needs the time of one’s birth, which determines the Sun sign. This is where the Sun was located in the zodiac at the time of your birth. Without this information, it’s like not having a compass.

Miller believes astrology can help people prepare and plan their lives. “It can tell you when to act on something or to hold off,” explains Miller. An example is that one should hold off signing contracts during Mercury retrograde because Mercury’s associated with the sign of communication, and if it’s in retrograde, then so is communication. Miller explains that each planet has specific traits or qualities, such as Venus, which is the planet of love and hedonism. When planets become aligned with one another, those signs take on additional meanings. It’s the astrologer’s job to interpret those conjunctures.

“I help people from pushing up against energy, she adds. The trick, Miller claims, is to flow with the vibrations of the planets, not against them.

The other complexity with astrology is that even if the astronomical cycles are based on mathematics, the outcome for human prophecy is not so exacting. The main reason is “because we all have free will,” emphasizes Miller. She says that human will power is a variable that throws off probability regardless of the stars’ alignment. Miller explains that astronomical cycles are like weather maps on how to navigate through difficult, as well as successful times.

Back in July, the illustrious astrologer was Turner Classic Movies’ (TCM) co-host for its program Summer Under the Stars where she calculated the astrological charts from some of Hollywood’s Golden Age supernovas that included Elizabeth Taylor, Humphrey Bogart, and Greta Garbo. She even gave celestial details on the triumphs and tragedies of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, two megastars that eventually imploded at the height of their fame.

For example, in Monroe’s chart, she had Neptune rising, which corresponds with beauty, fame and fantasy, but Miller points out that the other side of Neptune is addiction, drugs and alcohol. For Dean, the House of Pluto ruled his imminent death just as he was ascending to stardom.

Miller’s forte, however, is reading charts for the living, with a star roster that includes Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi, Pharrell Williams and Cameron Diaz. In 2014, The Guardian proclaimed Miller the soothsayer for millennials. Her lengthy, spot-on horoscopes have created legions of fans worldwide.

As far as predicting the future for the planet, Miller unfortunately doesn’t have good news. She believes COVID will continue plaguing the earth until March of 2023, as that’s when Saturn moves out of the sign of Aquarius, which is a respiratory sign. Let’s pray she’s wrong, but with America’s mistrust of the vaccines by 50 percent of the population, she could be right. Free will or fate? Which will it be?

For more information on Miller’s website, go to Astrology Zone