Bombón Sexy December 2023

Marcus Hernandez
Age: 37
Height: 5’11
Weight:178 lbs
Place of Birth: El Paso, Texas
Zodiac sign: Aries
Instagram: marcusnweho

I AM: I am a Latino Mexican Spanish Texan, now living in Los Angeles, who frequently works out at Barry’s and is a proud member of the West Hollywood swim team. I have a deep nurturing love for the ocean, Palm Springs, and a commitment to being genuine and kind to everyone I encounter every day.

BACKGROUND: I’m from El Paso, Texas, a place I am immensely proud of. I maintain strong ties to my family who still resides there and I cherish frequent visits home, while my close-knit circle of friends, whom I consider family, are a source of profound gratitude. My work life encompasses the realms of luxury fashion, running my own tee shirt line at, offering styling services for celebrities and photoshoots, and bartending at private parties, amongst other endeavors.

HOBBIES: I find joy in maintaining my physical well-being through regular workouts and a health-conscious lifestyle, savoring the sun-kissed shores of the beach, relishing the vibrant energy of live music and concerts, with the Hollywood Bowl standing as my favorite venue for such experiences. Additionally, I delight in cinematic adventures at the movies and rejuvenating weekend getaways to Palm Springs, all while nurturing a deep passion for art, fashion, and the simple pleasure of cozy cuddling.

MY IDEAL MAN: My ideal man transcends mere looks, for I value a captivating personality and charm above all. I’m drawn to individuals with enriching, fulfilling lives and a knack for engaging in authentic, unrestrained conversations. Confidence, kindness, and a deep love for their family and friends are the qualities I treasure most.

RELATIONSHIP: I have a deep affection for love and am a staunch advocate for meaningful relationships, even though they can be challenging. Despite recently ending a long-term relationship and the process of healing that follows, I harbor no regrets and would willingly relive those experiences. To me, there’s no greater joy in the world than the profound connection and true love shared with another person. I sincerely wish that everyone can experience such a moment at least once in their lifetime.

GOALS: In the midst of the world’s current state, my priorities revolve around self-care and mending a wounded heart, as well as putting in dedicated effort towards my friends, work, with a central emphasis on embracing life and taking bold risks in both the short and long term.

I WANT YOU TO KNOW: I want you to know that I wholeheartedly understand life’s brevity and its occasional stretches, and I encourage you to speak up for your desires and needs. If conflicts arise, address them promptly. Don’t hesitate to attend the party, dance, watch that movie or concert, or ask out the person you admire. Strive to withhold judgment and shame, and take pride in every individual who can unabashedly embrace their authentic self.