Christmas Presents: To Give or Not to Give?

Ok mi gente so the Holiday season is upon us once again. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” For a while back then we almost thought we’d never make it to the 2013 Holidays but look at us now. Here we are. Thank Goddess! And of course for most of you the Holiday season means time to shop. Trust me I don’t need a Holiday season to shop, for myself that is. Lol, But as we’ve been taught all our lives Christmas is for gift giving. Right? I mean Christmas has become all about shopping, gifts, and what am I getting? and what am I giving? Think about it. For some now Christmas starts just days before Halloween.

I saw Christmas trees and ornaments at a couple of stores right before Halloween this year. Where does Christmas start early each year? With shopping and gift giving. You start to see the Christmas decorations in stores. You start to see the Christmas commercials on TV. You start to think about shopping and giving and of course receiving. What will you ask “Santa” for this year? The Internet is bombarded with Christmas ads. “Shop early this year” they advertise. Shopping, shopping, shopping… Gifts, gifts, gifts… Everything starts out with that. But wait. What is Christmas supposed to be? I thought it was the “supposed” birth of Jesus Christ. I thought we were honoring a spiritual beings birth. If you choose to believe that was his real birth day. That’s a whole other article. So for the sake of this article we’ll say yes that is the actual birth day of a son of God. And I say a son of God because we are also sons of God. Jesus is just a little more special than us, lets say. But if it’s supposed to be a Spiritual Holy day why is it all about shopping and gift giving? Well at least that’s what it’s all become about now.

Personally I don’t buy one single present for nobody, not even Mother. I don’t expect any back either, to be fair. I do find it interesting to see people, including my loved ones, go all shopping crazy. They start shopping on Thanksgiving day, cause some stores open that day for your shopping “pleasure.” Of course they shop on Black Friday. That’s when the pushing, shoving, fighting, and now even killings occur. People get trampled on and killed. Ironically hours after giving thanks for all that you have. Are you f*cking kidding me? Do you see the irony? And buy presents for who? For kids that have it all and don’t appreciate anything anymore? For people who you don’t even like? For people you don’t even know that well? For people that have it all already? Come on. Are you kidding me? Are you really buying and gift giving from the heart? Are people really appreciating and receiving from the heart? STOP! And really think about what is going on around you.

Don’t be manipulated by corporations who are out to make a few millions for their greedy selves. If you are going to give give from the heart. Give to those who really appreciate. Maybe take some presents down to an orphanage down in Tijuana. Give for love. Or do what I do and give the gift of quality time. Give the gift of a simple phone call to see how your loved one is doing. Give a kid some play time and play dolls or cars with them. When it comes down to it people appreciate more quality time than material things they won’t use, they’ll forget about or they don’t like. Quality time and family/friend time is much to under appreciated. Wouldn’t you rather share some laughs with loved ones over eggnog. Enjoy cooking the Holiday meal together. Share a few laughs over the phone. Sure you can do these things and give gifts but when you have these moments do you really need those gifts? Be grateful and thankful that you have been given another year on this earth to share quality moments with each other.

Well there you have it mi gente. Some ideas to think about this 2013 Holiday season. Just in time to make some positive changes in your lives and the lives of your loved ones. Also realize that this applies to all the Holidays celebrated this time of the year not just Christmas. So whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa this applies to you too. Have a wonderful time this year with your loved ones. Spend more quality time with them and be grateful and thankful for what and who you have in your life every day not just the Holiday season. Also have a gorgeous and prosperous new year ahead of us! Spread love, love, love. Feliz Navidad! Now I’m off to New York! See you in the big apple.

S. Riviera –