Deviled Divas!

OK, guys so I’ve been wanting to write this article for a while now but I know it is something hard to swallow so I have to be very careful how I open your eyes to this. Keep in mind that this is my opinion based on my life experience. And my job here is only to inform you of my foundings not to try and convince you. OK, maybe a little. But here it goes. According to some individuals online, which are made up of religious fanatics and some non-religious fanatics, some major famous celebrities are into worshipping the devil. Sí, el satanas! I beg you to please go online and do your own research please. Don’t take my word for it. A friend of mine told me to go to youtube and type in Jay Z the Deception. Go ahead do it. I did and what I saw and heard changed my life. No I am not a religious fanatic now but I am certainly not into buying what some alleged devil worshipping divas want you to believe. According to these videos and some articles online some of today’s hottest most worldwide famous divas are into promoting satanism.

Bare with me please. I know some of you are thinking I’m a crazy, idiotic, stupid bitch. OK fine you’re allowed your opinion. But if there is a 50/50 chance that this is true don’t you think you owe it to yourselves to just hear me out here. For the sake of your lives. See what pissed me off is that I, like most of the world, is being deceived by some secret society called the Illuminati. I’ve mentioned them before they are the ones who have major control over media, government, banks, religions, basically every aspect that affects our everyday lives. I can’t even get into what their into but all you need to know is that they are really evil and they do everything in their power to promote satanism.

So me being a person that considers herself an intelligent transwoman am pissed that the world is trying to deceive me. That’s right they are lying to us and making us believe one thing when they really mean another. There is a lot of subliminal messaging in our everyday lives. Radio, TV, internet, where we buy our coffee in the morning, at work, etc. We are just not aware of what they are feeding our minds and souls. We are only aware of our conscious not our subconscious and they are so intelligent that they know how to get to our subconscious with out us even knowing.

OK so back to the divas. Some of the divas mentioned in these videos are Beyonce, Gaga, Rihanna, Ms. Perry, Ms. Swift, and sooo many more… the jury is still out on Madge… Look it up and let me know what you think. Allegedly these divas basically sell their soul to satan and the illuminati for money, power, fame, and of course a lot of awards. When you watch the videos it will all begin to make sense. It will be like a blind fold that has been on your eyes will be lifted up and away. I truly felt like I had worn it since my childhood and all of a sudden it came off and I began to see everything clearly. Wow! I had an epiphany. I urge you, even for the sake of entertainment, to go research this on youtube or google it. Trust me it is worth watching and with an open mind. I know it all sounds crazy and like a conspiracy theory but hey judge for yourself.

There is a lot of symbolism that is used in music videos and movies to get the evil satanic word out. Most of it is subliminal but some of it is right there in the open (Gaga, Rihanna). And I’m not even talking about backmasking meaning you play it backwards and you hear some satanic message. Of course they have that but I won’t even get into that because some of you don’t believe it, already. But the rest of the stuff is right there in their music videos. You can’t escape it. You can see it with your bare eyes. I’m talking about hang gestures such as the devil horns. I know they’re supposed to be rocker cool but wtf does Celine Dion have to do with rock? Come on. Yes I said Celine Dion. You read it right.

Then there’s also the 666 hand sign as in saying OK. Try it look at it see if you can find the 666 in your hand gesture. People most of you are not going to believe this. That really is too bad but most of you will dismiss it and some of you will believe it but won’t care to do anything about it. Which is worst? For me I went online and did all my research to finally come to my conclusion that yes I believe it is true. Yes these so called divas are devil worshipping. And yes some of them were brought up religious but hey didn’t even satan used to live in heaven? People change and not just because someone says they go to church automatically makes them saints. We know that one already.

I don’t have a lot of space here to explain it all in detail but even if I did it’s better to go see it with the visuals online. You won’t believe your eyes the way some experts analyze these music videos. And OK I’m open minded enough to say that maybe this is all false and I’m just believing what someone is telling me but with the importance of it all don’t you think you owe it to yourself to do your own research? Go ahead. Or what. Are you afraid of what you might find?

Samara Riviera