Dina Delicous – Isn’t She Fabulous?

She’s an actress. She’s a pop singer. She’s a nightlife personality and a performer. She’s the voluptous vixen of NYC. Isn’t she fabulous? She is Dina Delicious. From child actor to devine diva. Ms Dina Delicious is also one of the sweetest, most guenuine divas I know. So when I heard she had a new single out I just had to bring her to my Cali peeps. Two of Hearts, a Stacy Q. original is Ms Delicious’ latest single. It can be heard at clubs all over and of course available on iTunes. Djs get your paws all over Dina’s delicious vocals now. Also check out Bubble Wrap, one of Dina’s past dance hits. Dance, dance, dance bitches. Although she’s a NYC nightlife icon she has shown her west coast fans some love by hosting parties in San Diego. You go bitch! Your west coast fans love you. And now I bring you the double D, Dina Delicious!

Photo: James Smith

Samara: How was your life growing up?
Dina: Full of music and love. I come from a single parent house hold.
My mom was the best.

Samara: When did you first realize you were born to be a transwoman?
Dina: At a very young age i felt different. As I grew up we all saw just how different. lol

Samara: What was the first career path you wanted to take?
Dina: I was always in the entertainment field and it was my only career to date.

Samara: So you’re an actress, singer, party promoter, etc… Tell us about all that?
Dina: Yes i do it all well not everything. I was a child actor and it all progressed. I feel alive in the nightlife community.
I love being wild and im really loving my stage shows.

Samara: And your new single Two of Hearts?
Dina: It’s a great song. I really updated it to sound new but still true to its original feel. I just wanted the vocals to have a bit more vulnerability so i did that and I’m really happy with it.

Samara: How does one go about recording a cover of a hit song?
Dina: It’s a process and thankful for lawyers.

Samara: Can we expect a music video?
Dina: Not sure yet waiting on that license.

Samara: What’s your connection to San Diego? I know you hosted down here before right?
Dina: I love San Diego. I worked out alot of my music there and the San Diego Club kids really embraced me. My friend Dangilo is a promoter out there and is a great help to me. I cant wait to get out there soon…

Samara: Will there be an EP or any other songs released?
Dina: Yes tons for sure.

Samara: What has been your experience now a days in being able to independently record your own music?
Dina: It’s an expense and its frustrating at times. I enjoy that I can control my own process.

Samara: What advice can you give to other trans girls that want to pursue a career in music and or movies?
Dina: Want it more than you want anything else or dont do it!

Samara: Any other projects that you’re working on?
Dina: I’m currently in the studio working on all new music and a short film.

Samara: Any last words to your west coast fans?
Dina: I love you!! lol But i really do. I love tweeting with them. Get me @dinadelicious. Stay focused, believe in yourself and dream!
xoxo DD

By: S. Riviera –