Don’t miss this: ANY DAY NOW

By: Anthony Gonzalez, Adelante Contributor

While this movie was released in 2012, the drama is one you might have missed, but needs to be on your watch list. It is based on a true story which stars Alan Cumming (well known for The Good Wife and numerous tv, movies, and Broadway productions) who plays drag performer Rudy Donatello, struggling to make ends meet. Seeing vintage Los Angeles from the 1970s and the queer community brings us to appreciate some of the progress made in our community today.

Living in a sketchy apartment in the Hollywood area, Rudy meets an amazing teenager with Down syndrome (Isaac Leyva) who was abandoned by his junkie mother who was taken off to jail. Rudy meets a very closeted Paul Fleiger (Garret Dillahunt, Fear Walking Dead / The Gifted) a Deputy District Attorney, while performing at the bar which pits a very out and flamboyant character against a conservative, recently divorced man who is hiding his lifestyle from the world.

This film is an incredible story of love, family, and acceptance, when the new couple fights for custody of young Rudy with a legal and government system that does everything possible to deny the fostering parents the right to care for a minor based on their sexual orientation.

Directed by Travis Fine who co-wrote this with George Arthur Bloom, this movie brings out incredible performances by all the actors who tug at your heartstrings and will leave you speechless.

The movie can be watched on Amazon Prime, Tubi, Kanopy, Roku, Vudu, or Apple TV.