Fourth of July – Is it for Gays?

The Fourth of July is it for Gays? The most patriotic of holidays, but how Patriotic should we be? We can have our gay prides, but we cannot marry in most states. We can serve in the military, but they are not supposed to ask and we are not supposed to tell. Is the Bill of Rights protecting our rights?

Why should we pay taxes? Why should we vote? Why should we participate in anything that supports the USA? Does she support us?

When you live with prejudice, boundaries and limitations, it can be very difficult to champion the system and more importantly the people of that system. We have heard it said that America is not perfect, but it is better than most. If this were true, would we not feel free, free to marry, free to kiss our mates in public, free to be gay and all that that means?

Perhaps there is the issue. What does being gay mean exactly? We know it means that we prefer our own sex, sexually, but does that mean we should not be allowed to marry? Why if we live in a country that is free are we not free to marry our mates?

Are we so different than mainstream public? Do we not bleed if cut? Do we not cry if we are hurt? Do we not eat, sleep and work as all others in America? We most certainly do pay taxes and even more than mainstream America as we do not have the tax breaks of other married Americans.

So, why, with all these limitations, prejudices, should we celebrate our country’s birthday? Why should we wave our flags, cheer the fireworks and commemorate a day that idolizes a country that does not allow the gay community to live as we choose.

Democracy if full of holes that make it cumbersome and difficult, but Democracy also allows us the vote. In voting, we state our opinion, we tell the world how we want to live and if we do not get what we want, we are still free to vote the next time.

We are free to send out literature that tells the voting public what we want and why we want it. We are free to form assemblies that educate and inspire others to vote our way. We have these freedoms because we are Americans.

We are in a country that makes decisions by vote. In voting we are creating our world the same way that we create our world with our thoughts and feelings. If you feel negative towards America, then you will continue to create negative situations for yourself.

America is a conglomerate of people, races, sexes, religions and sexual orientations. We will not be liked or accepted by everyone, nor can anyone or anything be right for everyone 100% of the time. Fairness exists in each of us and we must be fair to experience fair. We must vote and we must protest that with which we do not agree. That is the American way and we are Americans.

Love is universal and in fact the highest energy known. If we put love into our lives, into others’ lives, then we are surrounded by love. Love is unity. Love is marriage. No, most of us did not win the right to be married, but we always have the right to love. And, that right is for me, America’s greatest strength. It is not something someone can vote away.

When we love, even those who did not vote for our right to marriage, then we are greater than we were without love. No one can take our right to love away. We may not be fully supported by the states, but we are still free to fight the battle for equality.

With love and voting power and those who are willing to show the world that love is love, no matter who or what we love, then we are all powerful and the 4th of July becomes a holiday to celebrate for all Americans.

By Maria Etta Anabell