Getting Older & Getting Wiser

Happy New Year guys! And Happy Birthday to me Jan. 5!!! And speaking about getting older I wanna take this time to talk about aging. Are we really getting wiser as we’re getting older? I used to listen to such Divas as Cher and Madonna talk about how they are happier in their older years than in their younger years but I didn’t believe it. I used to think, “yeah right, they’re just saying that because they have no choice now that they’re older” but now that I’m reaching my, dare I say, late thirties I might have an idea about what they are talking about. I seem to not sweat the small stuff and just try to enjoy life without the hassles of trying to control things I can’t control. Qué será, será…

Of course we all want to be physically young and beautiful for as long as we can. But wouldn’t it be boring if we actually stayed young looking for all of our life? Think about it. NO, I really mean it, think about it… We get bored with the same haircut, same hair color, same clothes. Don’t you want to experience how it is to be older? Well there are three main factors to consider. Of course the physical aspect of getting older, then the mental aspect matures, and hopefully the spiritual being also keeps getting better and better as we progress through life. The thing is we have to accept the good with the, well, bad. I mean we have to accept the wrinkles along with the mental and spiritual growth. Of course the mental and spiritual growths are much better than the physical growth but we have to learn to accept them all for the price of one, the full package.

As for me I do love to celebrate my birthdays even though I’m getting older. I like to celebrate that the higher power has given me another year to be alive, well, and healthy. I am satisfied in my personal life and am always working towards being happy. I love the journey of life. And yes I mean the happy times, the great sexual times, the family times as well as the sad times, the lonely times, and the boring times. It is all an experience in life that makes you feel like you are alive and a part of this insane beautiful world we live in. The thing is you have to be happy from the inside out. Start inside of your soul and try to make happy with life then it will show on the outside and in your surroundings. Now I am not saying life is perfect and all that but enjoy the imperfect moments as well because this too shall pass.

So, when your next birthday comes remember to be happy and thankful that you are alive, well, and healthy and that you have been given a gift of life. That you have survived another year and have lived to tell many more tales. The white hairs, wrinkles, and the little extra gut are just the small things in life you need not sweat. Instead get out and celebrate life, celebrate your birthday with your loved ones cause who knows when it can all be taken away and you find yourself six feet under. So enjoy it while you got it and while you can. Feliz Cumpleaños a mi!

By Samara Riviera