Gevorg and Hrair, Promoters – Club NUR

Q: Tell us about your background
A: Gevorg Khudyan (left): Armenian (born in Armenia) & Hrair Sarkissian: Armenian (born in Lebanon)

Q: How did you came with the idea of creating club NUR?
A: We wanted to create an atmosphere we would enjoy being in, where we could listen and dance to our music and hang out with other Middle Easterners. It had to be a weekly event and not as a special event once in a while and done a certain way, with certain standards. There was nothing like it. So we created it.

Q: What makes Club Nur different from others?
A: The Middle East consists of many countries, some love each other, and some don’t. Club Nur has succeeded in bringing together people from communities that would never otherwise hang out together — Palestinians and Israelis, Armenians and Turks, etc.
And it’s unique because it’s subtle, yet it transports you into another cultural experience with the great variety of music, the hookahs and the Middle Eastern guests.
It’s a great experience. And many Middle Easterners have found their partners at Nur.

Q: Why is Club Nur moving to MJ’s?
A: MJ’s truly is a great fit for us. It’s a lot more cruisy and sexually charged here. The crowds feel a lot more comfortable, parking is a breeze, drinks are cheaper, and stronger, the patio is much larger and allows us to create a beautiful lounge and a hookah bar.
In West Hollywood, we were able to bring Club Nur to people who had never experienced it. We had a great time there. But our core supporters always let us know that they preferred it at MJ’s. Also, these days, a lot of people find West Hollywood prices to be too high.

Q: How do you perceive the crowds of West Hollywood and Silver Lake?
A: The Silver Lake crowds are a lot more loyal. Perhaps it’s because there aren’t 10 different bars within 2 blocks and our night here becomes a destination and people come and stay. In West Hollywood, people demand and are used to having something new on a regular basis.

What is Club Nur planning for Valentines and the rest of 2010?
This year, it’s all about the sexy. And Valentine’s is no different. The night is called “My Slutty Valentine – Look Sexy, Feel Frisky, Act Slutty”. The name says it all. We want people to feel their best and have a memorable night. It’s gonna be a lot of fun especially in our Kissing Booth.

For the rest of the year, we’re going to have a lot of special events. We’ve created “Club Nur Destinations” based on last summer’s successful “Mediterranean Cruise Nights”. With Club Nur Destinations, we’ll feature a different country every once in a while. On Feb 28, we had Armenian night. March 18 is Persian New Year.