K. Rose – A Rose Is Not Just A Rose

Photo: Scott Witter
She’s the kool new chick everyone wants to know about. Hip Hop, Pop and Dance. That’s right bitchez K. Rose has arrived. She’s the triple threat ya’ll, singer, songwriter, and dancer. With her first hot dance hit Sleep When I’m Dead this Italian/ African-American/Indian mixed mami made you shake that ass. Now this Miami, Hialeah non-the-less, (don’t f*ck with her) native has released her follow up single ‘A Voi E A Me’ (You and I), which is setting youtube on fire. And expect an EP later this year. At just 19 she already has the looks, style, and talent to be a superstar. So get those wigs combed out bitchez and sharpen up those dance moves cause you know you won’t be the only K. Rose impersonator around for much longer cause this girl is about to blow up. And get out to her upcoming live performances to get a first look at a rose that’s not just a rose but a K. Rose bitchez!
Samara: Tell us about growing up in Miami and specifically in Hialeah?
K: Growing up in Miami is a very key part of who I am as a person. In Hialeah, there is such a Never Give up, Grind-mode spirit that I feel keeps the city going, itʼs all about making something out of nothing there.
Samara: What is your background? Are you mixed?
K: My mother is Italian and my father is African American / Indian.
Samara: So what came first? Writing, singing, or dancing? And how did that evolve into the others?
K: Singing definitely came first. My mother is a vocalist and my father is a jazz musician, so I picked up my musical roots from them. English and writing were my favorite subjects in school, so I always loved writing stories and poems that eventually turned into writing song lyrics and composing music. Dancing actually came into the mix when I started ballet at age 5. I juggled that with martial arts which gave me a nice balance that later lead me to competing in World Hip Hop Championships.
Samara: How has your music evolved from when you first started?
K: Every experience Iʼve had lead has influenced my music in some degree. Whether it is dark or bright music, the ability to channel emotions and life circumstances through sound and art is what completes me as an artist.
Samara: Have you been able to stay true to yourself or has the music industry (record label, etc.) Changed your music much?
K:The number one thing I preach to young aspiring artists is to “stay true to who you are”. No matter what power, status, and name one may have, or age one may be, only you can write your own life story. That is what will separate you from the walking dead. Me? I am a new, young, female artist who will smile at every person I meet, but ask Cool and Dre, theyʼll tell you, My music is my life, and I will fight for my music till the day I die.
Samara: Tell us about getting to work with all the producers that you’ve been able to work with?
K: I am so appreciative that I have been able to have had the opportunity to work with producers such as Cool and Dre, Red One, Steve Angelo, Danja, Apster, and many other musical geniuses. To connect like-minds and exchange great music and ideas is always a great experience.
Samara: Tell us about your latest single You and I?
K: So I came across this sick beat I was sent on my computer. The first time I heard it I instantly started voguing in my mirror and writing a love poem in my head, mumbling a cadence and creating a concept for the video before even recording it. I just knew I had to bring out my Italian roots, to give that romantic dance vibe. So I rewrote my poem in Italian and fell in love.
Samara: When can we expect a full album?
K: This year I will be releasing my first EP called “Sink or Swim”.
The full album will come after much more hard work and music!
Samara: So are you ready for K. Rose drag queen impersonators? They’re going to Love your music…
K: I am more than ready for the queens of the universe to paint these roses red! And I will make sure I give them life on stage so they always know they are in my heart inspiring me each day!
Samara: Any last words to your fans?
K: “To accept is easy, but to continue is difficult. Donʼt let your present dictate your future. You are gold. Stay focused and Stay YOU and I will be right by you doing the same. HAU5 of REB3LS , Time to LIVE! “
Upcoming live performances:
3/21 – WMC/Fly Life party (WMC) @ Score –  Miami Fl
3/31 – White Party Palm Springs, CA

By: Samara Riviera