Kenya Michaels – Lil Mamacita Of Drag!

Photos by Mathu Anderson
Puerto Rico has given us many greats. And I’m not just talking about J. Lo but also of queens such as Nina, Jessica, and Yara. Esa isla tiene mucho que dar. And now RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 brings us the beautiful, charismatic and SUPER TALENT of la chiquitita one Ms Kenya Michaels. All you have to do is watch an almost 2 minute video of her to see her beauty, inside and out, charisma, and charm. And then when you look at the whole body of work you realize she has the talent to match. A make-up artist, hair designer, dance instructor, pageant winner and all around fierce bitch make for the perfect contestant on the latest of RDR.  Esta nina que apenas mide cinco piez tiene un gigante talento. You can find her on youtube, facebook, and twitter but right now I bring her exclusively to Adelante.
Samara: Tell us about growing up a gay boy in Puerto Rico? Is it difficult?
Kenya: It may seem strange but I was always accepted and respected by my sexual preference. In fact my best friends at school were straight boys.
Samara: How are drag queens accepted there in P.R.?
Kenya: In Puerto Rico, being a drag queen is not something that frankly we can live of. Although I think here people respect a lot gay activists, spokesmen and us the performers. I can say with nothing left inside of me that my island has the world’s best drag queens.
Samara: Did you ever dream of coming to America?
Kenya: Absolutely! I think this point in my career requires me to move to America. The day I decide to move its going to hurt so much because I feel so attached to island which I love so much.  But, it doesn’t matter if someday I wake up living in China but I’m always going to remember to say with pride that I am Puerto Rican.
Samara: Did you ever think you could be on RuPaul’s Drag Race?
Kenya: Of course! I am a person of challenges and at the time that I decided that I wanted to audition for RuPaul’s Drag Race show I knew that I was not going to rest until I make it happen.
Samara:  What makes you stand out from all the other queens on the show?
Kenya: I think there are several things that make me stand out from the other queens. One of them is my height as I am the smallest of all seasons. But in spite of that I have the ability to become a giant on stage. Another is my runway and this is one of my strongest qualities.
Samara: Will you be considered a nice or a bitchy queen on the show?
Kenya: I’m a bit of both (Laughs). I consider myself very loving, friendly and caring but when I’m on the runway it’s another very different thing. I think bitchy is an attitude that is part of my character on stage but not in my real life.

Samara: Do you think there should be an age limit on the show?
Kenya: I truly believe that age, height, skin color or nationality doesn’t define your quality as a performer. Remember it is not what you say is what you do.
Samara: Who have been your favorite contestants from past seasons?
Kenya: Well my puertorrican sisters of course! Nina, Jessica Wild and Yara Sofia. I grew up watching them perform and they are a huge inspiration for my character. But I also have a lot of admiration for artists like Shannel, Raven and Raja
Samara: Are you an HIV/AIDS advocate in P.R.?
Kenya: Of course. I believe that everyone must respect and love his own temple (body). For this reason it is good to guide other people about this disease and ways to prevent being infected. As we say in PR: No hat no bday baby!
Samara: So, what will you do with the cash money if you win RDR?
Kenya: Well I will do 2 very important things with the cash money. One would be to create a foundation for cancer patients. The other would be to create a campaign to promote the protection and treatment of HIV in Puerto Rico.
Samara: Ultimas palabras para tu fans que hablan Español?
Kenya: Independientemente cual sea el resultado de esta temporada de RuPaul’s Drag Race. No olviden que una verdadera reina no la hace un título y mucho menos una corona. Que vivan los latinos, que viva la gente que siente orgullo por nuestro primer idioma: español