Life Affirming Choices

You would never choose to drink battery acid. That particular choice would be life depleting. You do choose to drink water. Our bodies must have water, so this choice is life affirming.

Every choice that we make is either life affirming or life depleting. Every second of every day, we make choices and these choices create the quality of our life. Making a life affirming choice means that we are telling the Universe that we want to be alive. We want to produce a life that has meaning, a life worth living.

When we make a life depleting choice, our message to the Universe is that we do not want to be alive. We do not want a life that is worthy of living. We are choosing death and pain. We are living in fear.

Battery acid is quite obviously going to kill you, so we do not choose to kill ourselves and we do not drink battery acid. However, many of the choices that we make are equally life depleting. Choosing alcohol, drugs, unprotected sex, abusive boyfriends, or eating 10 chocolate cakes while sitting on the couch day after day are also very obvious.

Yet, we make these choices over and over again. When we do not take care of ourselves, we are choosing to end our lives and while we wait for our lives to end, we push away any chance of quality.

What about less apparent choices? What happens when we do not believe in ourselves? What happens when we give up on ourselves? What happens when the tapes we play inside our heads moment by moment tell us we are worthless?

If we choose to think about our life, our body, our lives in a particularly unhealthy way, then that thinking will create emotions that leave us feeling exactly the way we are thinking: unhealthy, unhappy, depressed. We then make more choices based on these emotions which further diminish our lives.

We have not only created a life that offers little joy, but because we are so unhappy, we continue making the exact same choices by thinking more depleting thoughts. We are caught in a cycle of self-abuse and self-hatred, and we do it to ourselves.

We know we are choosing chocolate cake when we bring it home from the bakery. We know we are choosing it when we eat it straight out of the box the minute we get it home. Even if you hate being fat, you are choosing to be overweight by eating a whole chocolate cake.

It’s a little difficult to believe that we would choose to be unhealthy, overweight, addicted to drugs and alcohol, but it is even more difficult to believe that we would choose to berate ourselves.

When you look in the mirror and see only your giant ears, which your mother always told you were enormous, you choose to criticize yourself, just as your mother did. Okay, so you did not choose elephant ears, but you do choose to see them as ugly and horrible.

How we view ourselves is what we put out to the world. It is not only our message to the Universe, but it is also what we project. People pick up on your message about yourself and now, everyone thinks you have awful, gargantuan ears. You have just made a life depleting choice. The quality of your life just got wiped out.

What if you chose to view your ears as sexy, unique and sooo you! What if you liked your ears and were glad to have them. Now your self-message, your message to the Universe is life-affirming. You project sexy, confident, and unique. You just attracted the cutest boyfriend who just happens to have an ear fetish.

There are so many reasons we make life-depleting choices, however, the reasons are not nearly as important as finally making the choice to stop thinking poorly of yourself and to start thinking well of yourself.

The next time you want to stop a behavior that no longer serves you, begin by checking on your thoughts. What are you thinking? Are you thinking that you are a fat ugly pig? These thoughts will of course cause you to choose another chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake can be very comforting and when you think of yourself in a negative way, you will need comfort. Hold yourself in high regard and you will not need outside comforts.

Think well, be well and live well. Life affirming thoughts lead to life affirming actions and the Universe begins to send you life-affirming options. Suddenly the whole world opens up. Jobs, mates, friends, family, money, all that you want begins to come to you and to treat you as you treat yourself. Life is Good.

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By: Maria Etta Anabel