Living La Vida De Una Loca

OK, so by now all of you have heard the latest news that Boricua singer Ricky Martin came out of the closet. Congratulations! To him … While non of us are really surprised or shocked some of our parents or grandparents might be. You know what they always say, “but you were never girly as a boy,” or “you always had girlfriends.” They will always be in denial. But thank God for us we’ve known the truth, about us, and about Ricky.

So why come out now Mr. Martin? As a publicity tool for your memoirs coming out soon? To get attention because now nobody cares? Hmmm… Or simply because it just felt like the right moment for you? Again, because nobody cares to hear about it now that he’s not doing much in the music industry. Well whatever the reason, he’s out now. OK time for us gays to rejoice, pat him on the back, and give him kudos for courage… bullsh*t! I say. I love Ricky Martin just as anybody else but come on Mr Martin now you want our undivided support after you turned your back on us for the past twenty plus years? I say no. Make him earn it before us gays go out and give him awards of courage.

As far as I’m concerned he doesn’t deserve anything from us until he issues an apology to our LGBT Community. An apology for not only having turned his back on us for so long but for not helping our cause of mainstream acceptance, for so many young gay kids being bullied in school because there have been few gay male role models, for all those kids that have commited suicide for the same reasons, and on and on and on. Of course he’s been rich and famous for all these years so he hasn’t had to live moments of real life experience of how it is to grow up gay these past years. And yes I’m sure he’s lived through some homophobia but certainly not like we have in the real world. Money and fame can get you of many horrible life experiences that we in the real world have had to deal with. Let’s be honest about this.

I wonder how much of an influence TRUE COURAGES GAY MEN such as Christian Chávez, Adam Lambert, and Fedro had to do with his decision to come out? I mean let’s face it. He must feel some kind of resentment that these true life gay heroes of the music industry have been able to live through life and have a nice musical career as openly gay men. To me, and most of you with any common sense, these are truly courages gay men who deserve our fully undivided support, respect, and many awards from our community. Take for example Christian Chávez who came out almost at the top of his musical career with RBD. It really takes a lot of courage to do that especially in such a machista country as Mexico. And I’m sure that thanks to him androgynous gay singer Fedro was able to be out from the get go. Well I mean he was never hiding behind a closet door. But it was very courages for him to come out with that androgynous, I look like Alejandra Guzmán, look. LOL And then of course we have cutie Adam Lambert who went on TV shocking audiences being outlandishly gay. Hooray for Adam! He may not have admitted to being gay right away but he did it while still at the height of his career, which takes a lot of courage.

And now all of these men are enjoying not only being out and proud as gay men but fruitful careers in the music industry. So, I’m sure that this has helped Mr Martin’s decision to come out. Funny should have been him the leader, him the courages one, him the one to have come out of the closet if not in the 80’s then in the 90’s to open doors for the likes of Chávez, Fedro, and Lambert, but no it turned out to be the other way around. Chávez, Fedro, and Lambert have opened the doors for the… can we say, cowardly Ricky Martin to come out as a gay man now. That is not courage Mr Martin, that is riding on someone else’s courage, if you ask me. So yes he’s riding on the courage wave of Christian Chávez, Adam Lambert, and Fedro.

OK so now I know I have pissed of some of you major Ricky Martin fans but let’s be thruthful here. I am a fan too but I can see the reality, my reality, anyways. And yes we congratulate you Ricky Martin for finally having the courage to come out of the closet, we just wished you’d done it earlier and helped our cause more. But since you didn’t well here we are voiceing our opinions about your personal life. Now go and be gay err happy and live your life like it was meant to be, como una loca. See you on the Oprah show…

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