Miguel Angel Caballero: Triple-Threat Latino Artist

You may have seen Miguel Angel Caballero in film or on television or caught the award-winning play he produced LOL! Latina on the Loose. More recently he performed in a six week run this spring in the theatrical world-premiere of THE BLVD at the Macha Theater. In either case, Adelante readers need to keep their eyes open for this triple-threat actor/producer/writer on the loose in Hollywood.

Adelante caught up with the UCLA graduate, and co-founder of Cinético Productions at the luxurious La Hacienda resort in Palm Springs, where he posed for photos and gave an interview to Adelante regarding his starring role in an upcoming indie movie, On the Run and other future film projects.

Castel: Tell me a little bit about On the Run.
Caballero: On the Run is a passionate love story between a street artist, Vincent, and a Chicana tattoo artist.   I play Vincent, the street artist.  We shot a portion of the film last year and we are going into production to shoot the second part this June.  Our goal is to have a cut for Sundance this year. 

Photo Credit: Francisco Cortinas

Why did you form your own company?
Caballero: Cinético productions was founded in 2005 by Luis Aldana, Alberto Barboza and I.  The company was formed because we wanted to create and produce work that featured Latino’s in the lead.  When I came out of UCLA in 2000, it was frustrating going to auditions where I had to play these stereotypical roles and had to put on a fake accent. Our intention with the company is to create quality work that will not only challenge these stereotypes but that is also engaging and entertaining.  After On the Run, we are going into production for Wide Awake, a political drama about how far we go to attain power.   We are also working on the biopic of Jose Sarria’s life story, an extremely influential man who was a pioneer for not only gay rights but civil rights.

Castel: Tell me about the Sarria project:
Caballero: The Black Cat is about Jose Sarria, the first openly gay person to run for a political office (San Francisco City Supervisor) in the United States in 1961.  He also fought against laws that discriminated gays (and won) which included state ordinances that denied gays from congregating in public and being served alcoholic drinks in bars. That all sounds like normal things now, but back in the 1950s, he was fighting for basic civil rights. I’m very committed to bringing his story to the big screen.  Oh and he is still alive!  Almost 90 years old and he is so positive and has an amazing energy!   

Castel: Tell me why you were interested in acting?
Caballero: Acting has always been something I wanted to do since I was a child.  I used to dress up and perform for my Grandparents at five years-old.  

It wasn’t until high school, however, that I started really pursuing it seriously.  It was then I began to realize that my dad shared a similar dream as me.  I wanted to entertain people and he wanted to bring entertainment to people.  

Castel: How did your dad bring entertainment to people?
Caballero: My father used to go from town to town projecting films.  He would load up a donkey (Laughter), I’m serious about this- talk about challenging stereotypes, and he would go around the neighboring towns of Acuitzeramo in Michoacán, Mexico projecting films on a white sheet. Acuitzeramo means “The Serpent was King” in the Purepecha language. Anyway, people loved him and were so excited whenever he’d show up.    After that he designed a theater around the back of our house for a 350 person capacity. 

The theater operated from the mid 60’s until I was about seven years-old.  What killed my dad’s business was the VHS. People stopped coming to the theater. There is a very melancholic feel to that now empty space when I go.  I think I was too young to even know that my father was stopping his dream.  

Castel: Any advice for those starting out in acting, producing?
Caballero: I would suggest find artists who have the same interests as you and team up.  It is always better to have a supporting team than working alone.  I feel very fortunate having my company and very close friends in the business because we balance each other and call each other out.   I am an honoree of Film Independent’s Project: Involve which is dedicated to increasing diversity in the industry.  I would strongly suggest young filmmakers, actors, writers or directors look it up and apply.  The mentorship they provide you with is invaluable. And most importantly, keep giving, keep smiling and keep moving forward.

The Hacienda: Palm Springs Oasis

The owners of The Hacienda at Warm Springs were gracious enough to allow Miguel Angel Caballero and his fellow Cinético partners stay at their luxurious resort while the filmmakers videotaped their next project.

“The Grand Deluxe Suite was a spacious and serene place for us to meet and work on our next film, as well as relax and soak up the immense beauty of Palm Springs” said Caballero. “We had our own private patio for us smokers to indulge, as well as a kitchen to cook, make our own drinks and a large living room and dining combo to work and just hangout.” Nine of the ten accommodations are true suites, each ranging in size from 500 to 850 square.

“The continental breakfast is a classy touch and beautifully prepared each morning.” The Grand Deluxe Suite also has a lavish two-man shower to save on water in these driest of times.

“Last year we completed a half million dollar renovation project which included new bathrooms, kitchens and many other guest room enhancements,” said co-owner Jim Moje. “Meeting and getting to know guests from all parts of the world, is truly the greatest personal joy of owning The Hacienda at Warm Sands.

The Hacienda is a clothing optional getaway and one of Palm Springs most frequented resorts, but it’s also is a tranquil oasis to get work done, relax, read a book or meet new friends. The scent of jasmine is everywhere and there are two pools for guests to enjoy. Visitors can truly benefit from the comfort of a small, upscale boutique with a Zen quality atmosphere while still pursuing carnal activities in a Warm Sands resort. For more information on The Hacienda visit

By Joseph Castel